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6 Types of Ads on TikTok You Need to Know About

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TikTok is more than just a fun vertical-video app to scroll through. For many of its users, it’s an app of discovery.

Advertising on TikTok allows you to connect purposefully with large audiences as well as TikTok niches

In order to make an ad that will resonate with your audience, you’ve got to pick the ad type that will best convey your message and help you reach your targets. 

There are numerous ways to advertise on TikTok, but what suits your campaign best? And what is your desired audience going to love? Everyone interacts with content in different ways; there’s a rainbow of types of people on TikTok. Some may be bold and create content with filters, while others may be more chill and prefer to interact with stickers. 

Neuro-Insight studies found that engagement on TikTok is 15% stronger than on other platforms. Advertisement engagement averages a 3 to 12% CTR to a site, different types of ads pull different types of engagement. But what content is going to make your audience engage? Understanding the different types of TikToks ads will help in making the decision. 

Here’s the info to get you familiar with the many ads on TikTok: 

TopView TikTok AdTopView

Think of this ad as TikTok’s digital billboard. It takes over the user’s screen as soon as they open up the app, and much like a billboard, the user can’t miss it. TopView ads have sound, can last between 5 to 60 seconds, and can be either static or dynamic. This type of ad also allows brands to include a call to action button that directs users to a landing page for the brand. 

According to a study by Kantar, TopView ads are viewed as the least intrusive ad when compared with ad formats on other platforms. They also have the lowest skip preference and lowest annoyance level. 

In-Feed Ad

In-Feed ads appear very naturally in a user’s For You Page during their scroll. They operate just like other TikTok videos, they can last up to 60 seconds (although 9 to 15 seconds is best) and can easily be scrolled past by the user. In-feed ads can also link to a landing page as well as generate engagement through likes and comments. 

TikTok now offers Interactive Add-ons for this type of ad. They offer standard and premium options that allow users to interact with the advertisement through various stickers, display cards, pop-out showcases, and more. Their goal is to capture users’ attention and drive engagement. 


branded effect filterBranded Effects 

A Branded Effect is a customized filter that users can use when they are creating their own videos. The effect will go live for ten days, and users can interact with the effect however they please. You can also include your brand logo. 

Branded Effects are fantastic for encouraging the creation of user-generated content and increasing brand awareness. They allow users to put their own spin on content and bring extra creativity to the campaign. 



Branded Hashtag Challenge

branded hashtag challenge

The Branded Hashtag Challenge is an ad in the form of a hashtag that has the ability to be featured on TikTok’s Discover Page. Being featured on the Discover Page is accomplished through being sponsored, but brands can also attempt to create their own branded hashtags organically. Sponsored hashtags can appear on the Discovery Page for six days and have the guarantee of reaching many more eyes. 

Users can click on a sponsored hashtag and will be guided to an informative page. Here they can learn about the challenge and its rules, see other posts using the hashtag, and find a link to be directed to the brand’s page. Utilizing branded hashtags, whether they are sponsored or not, has the ability to reach a broad audience, encourage user-generated content, and increase brand awareness. 

On TikTok, hashtags are always an essential tool because they are able to trend for more extended periods of time and can garner billions of views.


Boosted Organic Posts

Using the SparkAds tool, brands can boost their organic content and increase the reach of an organic post to a larger audience. After boosting, your video will appear as an ad similar to an in-feed ad. Therefore, the video will remain relatively nonintrusive and appear similar to any other video in the user’s feed. Boosting an organic post will allow you to connect the post to your brand’s TikTok account.

This feature can be utilized when your content is not performing as well as you would have liked and get more eyes to it. Inversely, it can also be used if your content is performing well and you would like it to reach even more people than it already has!

sparkads tool

Collection adsCollection Ads

Collection ads are ads that appear as clickable tiles at the bottom of a video and lead to an Instant Gallery Page. Here users can browse through a curated collection of products. Collection ads are great for helping users discover products and can aid in driving people to purchase. 

And Here’s an Ad Update!

TikTok has rolled out special ad categories which require you to declare any campaigns that fall into housing, employment, or credit verticals. This will prevent targeting based on age, gender, zip code, and more. It aims to help TikTok avoid discrimination based on protected characteristics in ads relating to these categories. 


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