We Are an Official TikTok  Marketing Partner

Our rich TikTok API integration enables us to more effectively shape data-backed frameworks to help advertisers make informed decisions.
TikTok’s exclusive verified first-party insights facilitate:
  • Robust TikTok Creator Discovery: Open Influence creator discovery tools now include access to richer TikTok audience insights & predictive analytics. As well as a living, breathing database of the most influential TikTok creators that is constantly growing.
  • Real-Time Metric Reporting: Real-time metrics from the TikTok Creator API guarantee precise delivery of performance data, and enable ongoing program optimizations against brand goals.
  • Deeper Insight Into TikTok Trends: TikTok’s API opens an opportunity for OI to shape and execute better-informed strategies for brands, leaning into first party performance and growth trends across TikTok.