Alcohol and spirits brands once spoke to the masses with glossy TV ads and billboards, but now new growing alcohol marketing strategies are sweeping the industry in the form of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing pulls in big business for brands, explaining why the global influencer marketing spend hit $7 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $8.08 billion by 2024.

Alcohol and Spirits businesses have discovered they can collaborate with content creators to create impactful and memorable campaigns affordably.

The result?

Better niche targeting­­, engaged followings, and brand humanization, just to name a few fantastic benefits.

But despite the rewards to be had from influencer marketing, many brands shy away from working with content creators, citing unfamiliarity with the regulations and best practices. Yet, with the right strategy and expert help, you can avoid pitfalls and thrive with influencer marketing, whether you’re selling alcohol, spirits, or anything in between. So, join as we share some reasons why influencer liquor marketing is crucial for achieving champagne popping success in today’s alcohol and spirits markets, some key trends to watch, and some top tips for victory. Let’s dive in!


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