Pinterest has made its mark as a visual search engine. It’s become a hub for high-quality imagery, motivational quotes, stylish videos, and helpful guides.

This setup piques their visitors’ interest and encourages them to take the next step, like pinning a photo or clicking through to a linked website.

User experience on Pinterest lends itself well to shopping and, consequently, Pinterest influencer marketing.

Pinners use the platform to plan their future purchases, which kickstarts their customer journey and allows brands and prospective customers to get acquainted.

But there’s one thing that keeps its visitors coming back. Inspiration.

Pinterest is an inspiration haven that capitalizes on its users’ dreams and ambitions by helping them discover their desires and find ways to make them a reality.

Backed by its mission to ‘bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love,’ Pinterest’s strategy has had phenomenal success.

Its monthly active user base stood at 459 million at the end of 2020, and there are over 200 billion pins saved on Pinterest.

This combination of inspirational content and purchase-ready users makes Pinterest a hot platform for brands that want to expand their customer base.

There’s no better way to achieve this than through Pinterest influencer marketing.

Let’s explore why.