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Great to hear. The first step is to register for our creator network by clicking HERE. You’ll be prompted to fill out information such as your email, phone number, and PayPal.

The most important thing to do for your new profile is to link all of your social media accounts. As a content creator, the first thing we’ll look at is your content!


If you have a pitch deck ready, great. We may ask you to email it to us if you’re under consideration for a campaign. Otherwise, hang onto it, along with similar things such as sizzle reels, bios, etc.


Your profile is also where to include your manager/agency contact if that’s your preferred way to communicate.

Great! You should receive a verification email from us soon.


Your next step is simple: keep being an amazing content creator. If a project comes along that we think you might be a good fit for, we’ll reach out – either directly or to your representation.

Just stay awesome – easy enough, right?


Each campaign is its own unique experience, depending on the product or service (even under the same brand). To ensure we find the best match for each creative idea, we start with a fresh look at our content creators every time. You might even be a perfect fit for something you’ve never thought of!


With that in mind, we are also testing out an early access beta network, called Open+, that automatically matches creators with our active campaigns based on the information you provide.  If you’re interested, click HERE to get started AND use this invite code: TEST.


Please note that by completing the survey, you will be opting into sponsorship alert emails from Open+, which you can opt out at any time. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete, and it will help us match you with the best sponsorship opportunities for YOU.

(In a Nutshell) We are not a talent agency or management company. Exclusivity is dependent on campaign guidelines. This may vary on a campaign-by-campaign basis. While it is common for advertisers to have exclusivity requirements, it is not always the case. We will always share the exclusivity guidelines with you when reaching out about a campaign opportunity.

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