Competition for the social media top spot is stiff. There’s so much to choose from. Just think of YouTube’s engaging videos, Facebook’s scroll-worthy posts, TikTok’s bite-sized content, Clubhouse’s on-the-go audio chats… The list really goes on and on.

So, what makes Instagram so unique?


Instagram’s mobile-app first strategy positioned it as the first platform to take the hassle out of creating and distributing content.

Instagrammers in all corners of the globe could take, edit and share photos in just a few short steps.

In the early days of social media you wouldn’t have found this simplicity in Instagram’s counterparts like YouTube, as you needed to have a variety of technical skills to be able to produce quality video content.

Instagram’s simple process democratized content creation and opened the door for regular people to become influencers, allowing them to amass huge followings in short time spans.

With open access given to anyone wishing to build a following came an influx of a new kind of influencer. These online creators aspired to make their mark on Instagram with visually appealing content that captivated audiences of all ages.

Before them, bloggers and YouTubers dominated the influencer space. There were fewer of them as their content was harder to create due to the need for sharp writing, editing, and videography skills.