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TikTok Names Open Influence Official Marketing Partner

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Partnership, Backed by Rich API Integration, Enables Company’s Customers and Partners to Unlock the Power of TikTok With Data-Driven Strategies and Real-time Reporting

Open Influence, a global award-winning creator marketing company, has officially been named one of TikTok’s hand-selected Marketing Partners. Backed by a rich TikTok API integration, this partnership magnifies the way Open Influence will continue to usher brands across the globe onto the For You Page to create innovative, ROI-driven creator marketing campaigns.

“Over the past two years, TikTok has become a culture driver on a global scale,” said Eric Dahan, CEO at Open Influence. “Its unique hyper-engaged community has played an increasingly larger role in influencing users’ behavior on and off the screen. Brands who are looking to connect with audiences purposefully have found on this platform a direct way to tap into subcultures and trends that make a big impact.”

TikTok and its suite of marketing solutions is changing the way brands show up, and how they allocate ad dollars. The powerhouse platform has become an integral element of Open Influence’s vision to connect global advertisers across all industries with the company’s network of over one million extraordinary, high-performing creators.

“Creators are the lifeblood of our platform, and we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with brands,” said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok. “We’re thrilled to be integrating with an elite group of trusted partners to help brands discover and work with diverse creators who can share their message in an authentic way.”

With the TikTok Creator Marketplace API integrated seamlessly into the company’s workflow platform, Open Influence can more effectively shape data-backed frameworks to help advertisers make informed decisions about their marketing dollars, while discovering the most influential TikTok creators. In addition, Open Influence clients will now gain access to first-party TikTok data in real-time, including audience demographics, growth trends, and campaign performance metrics.

“TikTok has become a home for one billion people around the world to authentically connect, and it is changing how our clients think about marketing,” said Arielle Carter, Senior Director, Social Content and Engagement Strategy at Razorfish. “Now that Open Influence is an official TikTok Partner, we will be able to engage with more Gen Z and Millennial consumers and create even more collaborative and effective Creator programs. Working with Open Influence as one of our influencer partners has been great over the years, and this is going to make the work we do together even stronger.”

This new integration and access to first-party TikTok data will also elevate Open Influence’s proprietary self-serve SaaS solution, Go Prism. Delivering brand safety, influencer discovery, performance benchmarking, and competitive insights, Go Prism allows brands to make data-informed decisions when it comes to working with creators.

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