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TikTok Niche Communities That You Should Know About

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TikTok Drives Culture

TikTok was the most downloaded app in Q1 2021, and experts predict that it’s on its way to becoming the next billion-user social app. While it’s primarily Gen Z that favors TikTok, more and more older users have started jumping on the platform. 

TikTok communities drives culture and influence far beyond the borders of the platform itself.

TikTok image on how TikTok drives culture.

TikTok is able to drive culture so successfully because of its niche communities, where creators use specific hashtags and types of content to attract audiences and interact with them. These communities are largely centralized on TikTok influencer marketing but also extend to other platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

TikTok’s algorithm studies viewer behaviors and is highly accurate at targeting and connecting subcultures with content that users crave. It’s easier for niche-community members to find each other on TikTok compared to their counterparts on Facebook Groups, where users have to actively search and join. 

TikTok Communities

Booktok. Dancetok. Musictok. Whether you realize it or not, you’re probably a part of multiple niche communities on TikTok. 

A niche community is a group of people brought together by a common interest, value, or goal. TikTok niches brings them together in a way that encourages and supports organic growth and interaction. A TikTok niche is defined by a focus on a smaller subsection of a larger market. For example, if you were to create an account about cooking, vegan food would be a niche under this category. 

Examples of TikTok Niches & TikTok Communities 

Health & Fitness

✅ Weight loss/gain

✅ Yoga


✅ Memes

✅ Relationships


✅ Crafts

✅ Home improvement 

✅ Interior Design


✅ Haircare treatment

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✅ Thrifting

✅ Alt girls – The #AltGirl is a massive TikTok trend that drives young adults’ aesthetic and has gained over 327 million views on some videos. Characterized mostly by dyed hair, piercings, chunky boots and described as indie and unique. The most famous TikToker, Charlie D’Amelio, has been celebrated recently by her alt-girl aesthetic.

✅ Fem boys – These skirt-loving users are more traditionally feminine with their appearance and personality. The hashtag #femboy has over a billion views.Fem boys on TikTok.

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✅ Life coaching

✅ Animals/pets

✅ Plants – #PlantTok has over 1.4 billion views. This community teaches and shows users all things about various types of plants. #PlantTok was one of TikTok’s top 10 niche communities in 2020. 

✅ Traveling – For more information on travel influencer marketing, read our trend report

✅ Time management/productivity

✅ Cleaning – #CleanTok was in TikTok’s top 10 niche communities for 2020. Users became fascinated at visual pleasing clips of items going from dirty to clean.

✅ Product preferences


✅ Cryptocurrency

✅ Financial

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Food & Cooking

✅ Baking

✅ Grocery hauls


✅ Pregnancy

✅ Raising kids


✅ Psychology


✅ Learning to play a musical instrument

✅ Songwriting 

✅ Genres like Rap or Jazz

Art – #ArtTikTok was in TikTok’s top 10 niche communities in 2020

✅ Video

✅ Photography – #naturephotography, #fashionphotography, #nightphotography

✅ Painting

✅ Writing

✅ Dance – #salsadancing, #heelchoreography, #tangodance


✅ TV shows/Movies

✅ Gaming

✅ Anime – This category was easily in TikTok’s top 10 niche communities of 2020. Anime itself has a lot of subcategories, from different anime shows to fashion. Amongst the anime trends is the unique sounds and music that consistently trend on TikTok for users to lipsync to.

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How Brands can Tap into TikTok Communities 

When brands embrace niche communities on TikTok, the niche community members embrace them. 

Brands can spice up their marketing with a creator marketing agency that helps companies tap into these niches by creating genuine, responsive, and targeted content. Avid TikTokers have already spent time cultivating relationships and building an audience in their particular niche or sub-niche, some in the millions.

Amassing a niche following makes sense for influencers, and so they often dig as deeply into a specific realm of content as they can. This is good news for brands who want to develop long-standing relationships with devoted niche groups.

Often, brands have the most success with niche community marketing when the influencer has the creative freedom to connect with their audience in a unique and authentic way. 

Niche Communities in Action

Example of niche communities on TikTok in action.

Open Influence, a TikTok influencer agency in Los Angeles, helped partner Lancome with beauty influencers for the launch of their new concealer. While the main message remained the same, the different TikTok personalities added their own flare to authentically engage with their own unique audience, like older women and women with different skin tones.

Fidelity example of using niche communities on TikTok.Another unique niche Open Influence helped tap into was the TikTok finance realm. Fidelity teamed up with multiple financial expert influencers to promote their app.

If you’re interested in reaching your audience with niche communities through influencers, feel free to contact us. Open Influence is a creator marketing agency full of creative thinkers and social media gurus. Drop us an email at social@openinfluence.com or message us on any of our social media channels.