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Pride Creator Spotlight: Meet Francis Dominic

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It’s Pride Month!
A month where we celebrate diversity and honor the history of the LGBTQ + community. 

How are social media platforms showing their support for #Pride?


Instagram is featuring new stickers for stories designed by Brooklyn illustrator Shaneé Benjamin. LGBTQ+ members and allies can use these stickers to celebrate and showcase their pride as well as show their support. Using one of these three colorful stickers will also turn your story ring rainbow!


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Over on TikTok, the #ForYourPride hashtag is trending. This hashtag features content from LGBTQ+ creators and has garnered over 6.4B views! Each day the hashtag puts a spotlight on new creators ranging from small business owners, to artists, to icons and more.

This year TikTok is the official sponsor of the Pride Parade and Festival in LA. They will be hosting live-streamed events under the #ForYourPride hashtag, which will include exciting content from trailblazing LGBT creators and exclusive content from the LA Pride parade. 


This month Pinterest is launching the “We Belong Here” campaign. This campaign will include featuring LGBTQ+ creators from around the world on PinTV, Creator Originals, Shopping Spotlight, and more on their landing page. 

They are also expanding their creator fund globally. The goal is to give creators more opportunities to grow and thrive on Pinterest through financial and educational support.

This month we want to celebrate our LGBTQ+ creators for their year-round contributions. 

First up – is Francis Dominic, a theme park and travel content creator who emulates positivity and pride. Keep reading to learn more about Francis and discover how he brings life to campaign content.


Francis Dominic 

IG Handle


Tell us a short fun fact about yourself.

I’ve slept more in planes than my own bed this year.

What started you on your influencer journey?

I wanted to show my audience that there’s room for people like me on the table and if there isn’t, create your own damn table! I love showing the world that you can be as colorful and as unapologetic as you can be.

What’s your favorite part about being a part of the LGBT community/being an LGBT creator?

Having an audience that can allow me to be as free as I can. And to make those deep connections with people like me! It’s so cool and makes the world feel smaller.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Keep going.

Why do you love working with Open Influence?

They believe in people like me and they never hesitate to send offers and to pull through with it. I love working with you!

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