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Newest Platform Updates of 2022

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month! We know it can be draining to spend hours on social media, trying to catch up on all the latest social media trends and new platform features. That’s why we are here!

We want to make it easier for you and your mental health. Here is a quick rundown of all the latest social media updates that you should know about for your creator marketing strategy.

Find out the latest social media news, trends, and tips. There are several platform updates from the last month.First up, Instagram.

Instagram Updates Reels Editing Features & Product Tags

Instagram has been busy this month! Instagram creator marketing has rolled out new tools to help enhance one of their most popular features – Reels. 

The new feature will help users to edit their reels more easily. The edit button can be found after clicking the ‘preview’ button. This allows users to reorder and add new clips more easily. The goal is to make Reels editing easier for creators, helping them create more entertaining and creative content. 

Second, product tags are now for everyone! A new feature they are adding will allow any IG user to tag a product. This can be done after selecting a brand’s product you want to tag. Start by tagging the brand, and then two options labeled “people” and “products” will appear. By tapping products, users will be able to share their favorite products with their followers!

Instagram poduct tags are available for everyoneInstagram is also launching a new hashtag experience. This new update connects hashtags to social movements. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, stated: 

“When you search for a series of hashtags that are associated with global movements; movements like Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights, and Climate Change. We are going to add a series of ways to support those causes right there on that hashtag page.”

This lets users support, fundraise, and spread the word about social movements through the hashtag’s page. According to Mosseri, Instagram has worked with the community and talked to organizations such as GLAAD, NAACP, and more to determine which hashtags to support for their first version of the hashtag experience. They will be starting with 35 hashtags and add more as they expand the feature. 


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The last of their new updates include new messaging features. Users can now:

  • See people who are currently active located at the top of their inbox.
  • Use the @ silent option; this allows users to send a DM without notifying the receiver. 
  • Use a quick send option, this will allow users to send a DM of content while scrolling simply by selecting their profile photo. 
  • Share music clips through DMs. 

TikTok’s New Add-Ons for In-Feed Ads & Testing Dislike Button for Comments

TikTok has introduced new interactive features for in-feed ads to help make ads more engaging for users! This feature offers standard and premium interactive elements which include popups, stickers, and other visual elements to enhance the TikTok community

New TikTok in-feed add-ons

Standard interactive add-on: Help to reach lower marketing goals by driving clicks and conversations. 

Examples: Voting Stickers, display cards, and a gift code sticker.

Premium interactive add-on: Help to reach higher marketing goals such by building community and increasing brand awareness. 

Examples: Gestures, Super likes 2.0, and a pop-out showcase.

TikTok is also focusing on improving the safety of their community. Currently, a dislike button for comments is in the works. 

Head of Trust and Safety of TikTok, Cormac Keenan, stated:

To avoid creating ill-feeling between community members or demoralize creators, only the person who registered a dislike on a comment will be able to see that they have done so.”

The goal is to help the community feel more in control of what they see in the comments section. In turn, it will keep the comment section relevant and genuine. TikTok is also testing out sending reminders to creators to guide them to comment filtering on their content and notify them if they seem to be receiving high amounts of negative comments. 

Unmentioning and Editing on Twitter

Don’t want to be connected to specific comments that you don’t have control over? Twitter is now allowing for people to unmention themselves in tweets. 

According to the Twitter Communications team, Twitter is also testing out the addition of the feature we’ve all been waiting for – an editing feature. This will allow users to edit Tweets they have already made. We’ll have to keep waiting for its rollout to all users.

Stay tuned for more developments!

Manage Facebook Groups a Little Easier

Facebook group admin QR codes

Facebook, now Meta, has added new features to allow Group admins to manage their groups more easily. The features include:

  • The ability to download, copy, and share a QR code that will direct people to their group’s about page.
  • Send group invites through emails.
  • Automatically decline incoming posts with misinformation through Admin Assist. 
  • The option to “suspend” group members from posting, commenting, reacting, and more. 

They have also announced a launch of a new program for their metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds. This program aims to incentivize creators to be active on the metaverse platform. It includes tools to help creators create and sell virtual effects as well as get paid for progress in specific goals within Horizon Worlds. 

New expansions are happening daily with Web 3.0 and the metaverse. To ensure you have the latest, enter your email at the bottom of this article for the newest developments in social media news delivered straight to your inbox.

LinkedIn Launches New Creator Tools 

LinkedIn is expanding their Creator Mode, which was rolled out last year. The new tools include:

  • New creator analytics to help creators track total impression numbers, engagement statistics, improved individual post analytics, and more. 
  • A subscribe bell which allows your followers to get notified every time you post.
  • A newsletter feature which allows it to be highlighted in the featured section, making it easier for people to find and subscribe to your newsletter. 

LinkedIn has also made improvements to their profile video tools. They have added prompts to inspire users on things they can share. Users can now also see how many people viewed their story. And lastly, a profile video ring will be shown in-feed so other users can see your updates more easily. 

LinkedIn creator story featuresPinterest’s Misinformation Guidelines Expand

Pinterest influencer marketing will be expanding their misinformation guidelines, which they began in 2017, to include more extensive policies against spreading misinformation about climate change. This will allow Pinterest to remove any information that contradicts scientific consensus; this consists of both posts and ads.

The expanded climate misinformation policy is yet another step in Pinterest’s journey to combat misinformation and create a safe space online,” said Sarah Bromma, Pinterest’s head of Policy.

There are quite a few special days in May that you won’t want to miss! Make sure you plan ahead for some big days like:

  • Star Wars Day: Wednesday, May 4, 2022
  • Cinco de Mayo: Thursday, May 5, 2022 
  • Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 8, 2022
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 30, 2022
  • Mental Health Awareness Month: All of May

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