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How to Use Influencer Video Marketing to Grow Your Brand

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Over the last decade, savvy marketers have realized the growing importance of incorporating emerging trends – even if that means breaking all patterns.

Both video viewing and smartphone usage trended separately, but now more than ever, they are merging into the main user behavior pattern.

Due to smartphones and mobile devices, more than 75% of US adults spend up to two hours watching short-form digital video content daily.

Netflix's Fast Laughs

Netflix added a feature to its mobile app called Fast Laughs to further increase the amount of time spent watching short-form videos on smartphones.

Fast Laughs resembles TikTok in the way that it serves users entertaining bite-sizable clips with buttons to react and/or share with friends.

“We wanted to give members a fun, fast and intuitive way to discover our catalog by letting these comedic moments across genres speak for themselves in a mobile-native, full-screen experience,” Netflix said.

“We worked hard to cut to just what was necessary in an intentional and minimalist UI design, from the transparent tab bar to ways to react in the moment (“LOL”) and plan their next laugh by adding to their list.”

With years in the making, it’s no surprise that digital video will rise above TV in popularity.

Time spent with digital video will surpass time spent with TV by the end of 2024.

Mobile video versus TV

The Rise of Vertical Video

Smartphones have single-handedly 😉 made video more common, especially vertical videos. It’s second nature to hold a phone that way. Not only are vertical videos more prominent, but with new devices and tools, it’s easier.

Mobile platforms like Instagram and TikTok tend to get picked over a phone’s camera. This is likely because you can easily film, edit, post, and even save the video so you can share it on other social platforms.

Platforms that support vertical videos:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Top Platform Metrics

Monthly Active Users
TikTok – 1 Billion
Instagram – 1.5 Billion
YouTube – 2.56 Billion

Monthly Usage
Instagram – 11.2 hours
TikTok – 19.6 hours
YouTube – 23.7 hours

Instagram – 50.7% of users are male, 49.3% of users are female
TikTok – 44% of users are male, 56% of users are female
YouTube – 53.9% of users are male, 46.1% of users are female

Why is Video Better for Influencer Marketing?

According to Hubspot, most marketers feel that video is an excellent investment for lead generation. 86% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads, up 2% from 2021 and up 5% since 2019.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “content is king.” While this still rings true, now another saying is said louder, “video is king.”

Why? Let’s ask our CEO, Eric Dahan:

“If an image is a thousand words and you have 27 frames per second in a video, then a video is worth 27,000 words per second. From an emotional standpoint, there’s a lot more information being conveyed. It’s a lot more real. There’s a level of validation and truth to it that you won’t necessarily get from text. You can’t see facial expressions in text. Essentially we are getting a firehose of information that comes to us in video, and we really feed off that.”

It evokes an emotional connection and makes advertising more personal. For that reason and so many more, it is effective for marketing.


  • Improves brand recognition
  • Enhances how well consumers understand brand products
  • Increases purchase decision rates

Don’t believe us? We’ll show you.

Video Campaign Content that Crushed

Macy’s had creators use video to showcase their online store in the Metaverse.

Pixar invited creators to film their experience at the World Premier of Lightyear.


The LIGHTYEAR premiere was amazing!! Check out Disney and Pixar‘s new animated movie, Lightyear, now playing in theaters! @Pixar #Lightyear #ad

♬ Lightyear: “To Infinity and Beyond” – See Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear in theaters June 17, 2022. – From “Lightyear”/Dialogue – Disney and Pixar Studios

Cacique Inc. partnered with experts to spotlight the profound impact Mexican cuisine has in America.


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A post shared by Nico Norena (@succulentbite)

NUTRO ULTRA hype up a contest giveaway with creators’ videos and garnered over 11 million views on this one.


#ad Want a chance to eat-and-greet with Haylie Duff & her fluffs? Click link in bio for info on NUTRO ULTRA brand’s #ULTRABarktuerieBoards #giveaway

♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Faraday Future collaborated with a robotic dancer to show their game-changing tech and design in the electronic vehicle space.


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A post shared by C H A D D S M I T H (@maddchadd)

Pop-Tarts teamed up with creators who entertained us with some nostalgic before and after videos.


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A post shared by Alina Bock (@alinabock)

Pandora knew video content would be essential when marketing their playlists.


Come get lost with me into the Pop Galaxy. “Listen to Pop Space on @Pandora “ #PandoraMusic #PandoraPartner

♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Even though short-form content is on the rise, and it’s a great way to scale your content marketing efforts…

Long-form content is still valuable.

Some people prefer to spend their time watching educational content. Meet the consumers where they are. According to Statista, YouTube is ranked as the second most popular platform, with 2.6 billion users worldwide as of 2022.

Google interviewed YouTube creators in regards to building brand loyalty with long-form content.

“There’s definitely an assumption that digital content has to be short form, and that was the norm until recently. But I think audiences have started to consume YouTube more like traditional TV,” said Safiya Nygaard, whose quirky, intimate channel has amassed nearly 1 billion views. “A 20-minute time stamp can seem like a lot to commit to when you click on something, but we’ve seen completely the opposite.”

An exceptional example of that is Target’s video series campaign with digital creator and storyteller, Hallease.

This campaign won five awards!

  • Cynopsis “Best of the Best Awards” – Best Use of an Influencer
  • Media Post Creative awards  – “Multicultural/LGBT Media”
  • Webby’s Honoree  – Best Influencer Endorsement
  • Shorty Awards  – Retail & E-commerce
  • YouTube Works – Brands as Creators

With the right creator, a fitting format, and a story well told, results were inevitable.

The Impact:

    • 6.4 Million Views
    • 107K+ Watched Hours
    • 20K+ Total Engagement

Tailor your video content strategies to meet your specific goals.

Want to use influencer video marketing to grow your business? Open Influence is a global influencer agency specializing in making awe-inspiring video content.

Work with us today!

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