Talent Relations in Creator Marketing

[1-Pager] Talent Relations in Creator Marketing

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In the same ways that talent agents and managers represent talent, we at Open Influence represent the brands and are the match-makers. We exist to help brands find the right talent.

As the creator landscape grows, we navigate the complexities to ensure brand-creator partnerships are an authentic fit.

According to our 2022 industry report, these are good times for influencer and creator marketing. Almost three-quarters of marketers (71%) expected their budgets to increase in the year ahead.

Plus, with talent deals and brand asks becoming more complex (and bigger budgets available for collaborations), deeper and more strategic relationship management is a must.

Want to take your creator marketing strategies to the next level? Find out more about talent relations in creator marketing in this 1-pager which covers:

  • The Role of Creators
  • The Evolution of the Creator Economy
  • Why is Talent Relations Important?

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