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[Report] The State of Influencer and Creator Marketing in 2022

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Influencer marketing is a popular and fast-growing segment. That is why most of the brand marketing executives we spoke with expected their budgets to increase over the next year.

In this report, we’ll share why influence and creator marketing are essential for success in the digital-first era. The purpose was to gain a greater understanding of marketers’ current experiences with influencer marketing in the areas of creator selection, measurement, ROI, and platform preferences.

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to reach new audiences and scale your business to new heights using influencer marketing. Want to take your creator marketing strategies to the next level? Find out more about the state of influencer and creator marketing in 2022.

The state of the industry report covers:

  • The findings from 2021 quantitative and qualitative research conducted by Brand Innovators and OpenInfluence among U.S.-based brand marketers.
  • Which social media platform is preferred by marketers.
  • What type of influencer content are brands using.
  • How brands choose influencers.
  • Marketers’ projected future plans in the industry.