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5 Tips from the Heart to Improve Your Valentine’s Day Creator Campaigns

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Whether someone is celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving their significant other a heartfelt gift, treating their furry best friend to a heart-shaped treat, or even hitting a heart-shaped piñata and loathing the day; Valentine’s Day elicits strong emotions. How could it not? It’s an entire day dedicated to celebrating love.  

Valentine’s Day is all about emotion and expressing it to the important people in our lives. Even when it comes to social media, posts filled with emotion are typically shared more, and “awe” is the second most viral type of content that is posted. So how do you produce a successful Valentine’s Day campaign? You’ve got to showcase these emotions and this can be best accomplished by partnering with a creator marketing agency.  

Creators will ensure that you’re creating the most authentic campaign. It’s not a surprise that 76% of brands plan to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2022, according to Aspire. Creators are here to serve your brand.

So, here’s how to let the love languages lead you to the loveliest Valentine’s Day campaign… 

Acts of service

Not only are creators serving your brand, but you both are serving your audience and potential customers. You have the ability to help them find the perfect gift or the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. It is very common for people to turn to social media creators for ideas for the holidays. In fact, according to DataReportal, 27% of internet users aged 16 to 64 use social media to help them find things to do or buy and 26.5% say they use social media specifically to find products to purchase.

Partnering with a creator gives you the opportunity to reach out to those potential customers. Give your audience advice and inspiration and allow your creator to share their talents. For Open Influence’s Macy’s fashion influencer marketing campaign last year, @ffaithharperr helped her audience get inspired with a swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day outfit.

@ffaithharperr #ad Get ready w/ me for Valentine’s Day with the cutest finds from @macys 💖 This fit is giving all the love ✨ Shop my #linkinbio for more #macyslove #ad ♬ Calm LoFi song(882353) – S_R

Quality Time

Capture that laugh-filled Galentine’s gift exchange, capture that tearful surprise from your significant other, and even capture the tail-wagging joy from your furry friend after you give them a sweet holiday treat. Let your photos and videos showcase quality time and authentic reactions. 

According to the National Retail Federation, 41% of people say they would love to receive a gift they can experience. And what better way to give an experience than to spend heartfelt, quality time with someone you cherish? 

Creators can capture their own quality time spent with loved ones and show relatable content, inspiring good feelings and demonstrating strong values. Creators can even give their audience an experience in the form of a video or photo carousel. 


Americans are expected to spend 23.9 billion on gifts for partners, pets, friends, and more in 2022, a 9.6% increase from last year’s expected spending! Capture people’s attention with personalized gifts. 

Remember being a kid and making pink heart-shaped cards and love letters for your family and friends on this special day? Personalization is unforgettable. Since love is very personal for people on so many levels, creators can encourage people to connect with your brand by helping them give gifts from the heart. 

Trending Google queries and Pinterest searches indicate that Valentine’s Day baskets are going to be a popular gift. Creators can provide gift basket guides, how-to videos, and inspiration for their Valentine’s Day celebration. Gifts can even be turned into experiences when they are exchanged in groups or given as surprises. And of course, the best way to connect is to give sincere reactions.

Words of Affirmation

Words matter. Always choose your words with intention and make your main objective to support people’s happiness. Create hashtags that help to spread your messages of love and kindness. Let your creators speak genuinely and ditch the scripts to get the best results. 

Focusing on TikTok influencer marketing is the perfect place to utilize this. Hashtags like #couplegoals, #coupletok, #corememories, and  #datenight are trending, so make sure to hop on those and lean into what users are currently interested in.


Following Open Influence’s tips and working with a creator will lead you to produce content that makes your audience want to celebrate love and touch the like, share, or shop button.  

Your content also has the power to touch people’s hearts. This Valentine’s Day 53% of people plan to celebrate and 27% of the people not celebrating still mark the occasion. Creators have the ability to inspire more people to celebrate and who knows, maybe some of that 27% will decide to celebrate after all. Data from WalletHub showed that 39% of people say they got richer in LOVE since last Valentine’s day, so make your campaign one that can boost this number even higher next year. 

Stay authentic and be bold with your love this year.    

Open Influence is here to help you bring authenticity to your content marketing. Open Influence is a global influencer agency and can bring together brands and creators on a diverse and worldwide scale. Whether you want to celebrate China’s Valentine’s Day equivalent, Qixi, or send love to the playful gaekkebrev letters of Denmark, Open Influence can partner you with exactly who you’re looking for.  

Connect with us at and we will help you connect to your audience. Let’s get started on your next campaign.