Automotive influencer marketing

[Report] Automotive Influencer Marketing

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Gone are the days of sifting through brochures and making multiple trips to dealerships to scope out designs — car buying has gone digital. 90% of shoppers depend on online research throughout their car-buying journey.

In this guide, we’ll share why influence marketing is essential for success in the digital-first era. We’ll also get into some trends shaping the automotive industry that’ll impact your influencer campaigns and some insider tips for successful collaborations.

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to reach new audiences and scale your business to new heights using automotive influencer marketing. Want to take your creator marketing strategies to the next level? Here are the trends and tactics you need to capitalize on.

In this guide to automotive influencer marketing, you will learn more about:

  • Why Influencer Marketing is Non-Negotiable for Success in the Digital Era
  • Emerging Trends to Watch in the Automotive Industry
  • Top Tips for Unbeatable Automotive Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Go video or Go home
  • Map Influencer Campaigns To Your Customer Journey
  • Top-Knotch Influencer Campaigns to Inspire Your Own