The Latest Trends, Platform Updates, and Social Media Holidays

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Mark your content calendars this month for another round of dearly loved holidays. May is the month when we honor mothers, nurses, and fallen military members. So expect your feeds this month to be dedicated to some very important people. 

It’s vital to keep these days in mind so you can reach important target audiences and connect with people on a personal level by honoring them or people they care about. What other days do you need to keep an eye out for in May? 

May Social Media Holidays You Need to Know About 

  • May 1: First Day of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 
  • May 4: Star Wars Day #MayThe4thBeWithYou
  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo
  • May 12: International Nurses Day 
  • May 14: Mother’s Day 
  • May 29: Memorial Day 

Download our Social Media Holidays Trend Report to ensure you don’t miss out on any big dates in 2023. 

Brands That Stay on Trend 

People are drawn to content that inspires them. It’s important that people feel uplifted from your content or it sparks new ideas if you want your audience to remember it and consider purchasing your product. Take a look at how our creators are giving their followers fun ideas, inspiring them to travel, and more: 


Creator @nikkimansch showed her followers how she is preparing for a pancake and pajama party and not overcomplicating the prep! Using Mrs. Butterworth’s Cinnabon Pancake Kit to make easy yet delicious pancakes, she gives her followers the perfect inspiration for their own parties. 


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A post shared by Nicole Mansch (@nikkimansch)


Creators @daddy_papa_and_me_make3 shared a fun game they can play with their family for some friendly competition. The game idea inspired their followers to try it for themselves, with one user commenting: “I need to try this game asap 💙💙💙.” 


Creator @jazmynjw talked candidly about the financial planning that had to happen before her 10-day trip to Thailand. She told her audience the resources she used, Fidelity and Women Talk Money, and advised her followers on how they can plan their own trip. 


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A post shared by Jazmyn W (@jazmynjw)

Social Media Platform Updates


Instagram is giving users the option to add up to five links in their bio. This will allow creators and brands to direct audiences to other content, including other business profiles, sites they wish to promote, and even their social profiles on competing platforms. There is also a linking option dedicated to Facebook profiles, which, according to TechCrunch, has a more professional and official appearance than other socials would have. 

Image Via Meta

This will get rid of the need for creators to use Linktree and Beacons in their bios to be able to direct followers to all of their desired links.

Instagram has also made a few updates to Reels, including: 

  • A new discovery element that will give users the ability to find the latest trending audio and hashtags from within Reels.
  • Making editing easier by adding video clips, audio, stickers, and text on one editing screen.
  • Adding two new metrics to Reels Insights: total watch time and average watch time. 
  • Expanding Gifts to more creators and updating Gifts so creators can easily identify who sent the Gift.

Twitter is enabling its Twitter Blue subscribers—users who pay a monthly subscription fee—to write tweets up to 10,000 characters long and use bold and italic text. Twitter Blue subscribers can now also post videos up to 60 minutes long.

Spotify 🤝 BeReal

Via Spotify

Spotify and BeReal are coming together to give users a new way to share music and enhance their daily BeReal posts. They announced a feature that allows users to showcase what they are listening to on Spotify, music or podcast, at the time of posting on BeReal. With this feature, users can also listen to previews of what their friends are sharing.


According to Social Media Today, a new feature on Facebook called Advanced Stories is being tested. Its goal is to give users an easy way to generate and post stories. This feature will use image recognition AI to create stories for users based on images they have uploaded in the past.


Snapchat created an AI chatbot (My AI) powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology earlier this year, and the platform will now release it to all users globally. Initially, the feature was only available to paid subscribers, but as of this month, it will be available for anyone with the app to use. 

Snapchat will also add a few new features to its AI chatbot, including: 

  • Adding My AI to group chats.
  • Getting recommendations for places on Snap Map and Lenses.
  • Receiving chat replies to Snaps.

Team Snapchat is currently working on another feature that will allow AI to respond to Snaps of its own AI-generated images, rather than just text responses.

Via TechCrunch

TikTok Update

While not a feature update, it is important to note that Montana lawmakers voted to ban TikTok in the state. The state ban will prohibit app stores from offering TikTok to Montana residents, and they will face a fine if they do not comply. At the time this article was written, it remains unclear how they will enforce the ban in additional ways. 

This move may spur other states to follow in the same footsteps and further influence the ban TikTok faces at the federal level. Keep an eye out for the next Stay on Trend blog for further updates. 

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