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Spotlighting Top Women Creators During Women’s History Month

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Women and their accomplishments and contributions should be celebrated for 365 days, not just the 31 in March, but brands may be more inclined than usual to tap women creators during Women’s History Month.

We used Open Influence’s Go Prism creator listening platform to identify the top five women creators, by a combination of total reach on Instagram and sponsored engagement rate, in five categories: automotive, fashion, fitness, food, and gaming.

Go Prism enables users to drill down even further and search by criteria including creator name, location, platforms they are active on, engagement, impressions, and much, much more, or to search those creators’ content by keyword or hashtag so they can zero in on the best choices for their marketing efforts.


Lindsay Brewer

The term “car guy” is destined for the scrap yard, as some of these women have experienced more horsepower beneath their right foot than most self-proclaimed car guys can dream of, with one even building her own record-setting ride.

Lindsay Brewer, who will drive for Exclusive Autosport in the 2023 USF Pro 2000 Championship, is also a model represented by the MN25 agency, and she became the first woman professional race car driver to launch her own cryptocurrency with the debut of $LINDS on the Rally platform.

Ashley Freiberg prefers variety in her tracks, having competed in endurance, open wheel, and sports car racing with a “first woman to …” trophy case including a Skip Barber Racing championship title in 2010 and victories in the MSA GT3 Cup Challenge in 2013 and Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge in 2014.

Fellow race car driver, actor, and TV host Emelia Hartford built one of the world’s fastest custom Corvette C8s.

Driving at blurring speeds wasn’t the only way to crack this list, though as the top five was rounded out by aerospace engineer @sarahintuned, who shows off her knowledge of what goes on under the hood, and by a different type of driver on a different vehicle altogether: professional motorcycle stunt rider Ashley Lammela.


Amanda Diaz

Engagement is in fashion for these five creators. Their discerning eyes and vibrant personalities match the vibrant colors on the garments they feature, and they all have slightly different approaches to Instagram when it comes to fashion influencer marketing.

The feed of Amanda Diaz is dominated by glamor shots highlighting luxury clothes and accessories, while Miami mom Jelian Mercado and Lonely Ghost cofounder India Blue incorporate their families (and, in Blue’s case, her dog) into the mix.

@oxminaox shares a feed similar to those of Mercado and Blue, while also shining the spotlight on her sports allegiances.

And Haley Pham claimed her spot on this list with much more modest, everyday looks, including hoodies aplenty.


Meg Boggs

There were no unnecessary calories and no wasted movements in content from these five female fitness creators, who flexed and showed off their engagement muscle in five varied disciplines.

Bicycle racer Kate Courtney pedaled her way to the top of our list, managing to avoid being pinned by WWE/NXT Superstar and American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro.

The mighty Meg Boggs powerlifted herself into the No. 3 spot, with runner Brenda Martinez hot on her heels.

Going from land to water, Olympic swimmer Elizabeth Beisel added the final splash to the chart.



Engagement is on the menu, and these five food creators serve it up piping hot, helping move brands’ campaigns to the top of the food chain.

Tieghan Gerard and Toni cover all points on the culinary map, with Gerard focusing on family meals, bowls, pasta dishes and desserts, while Toni shares easy, flavorful recipes, including many gluten-free options.

The other three creators on the list opt for more specific content, with Maangchi teaching Korean cooking, Jessica offering easy vegan recipes, and Heather taking care of dessert.


Hannah Bryan

Lara Croft? That’s so 1996. Women have made their mark on both sides of the screen in the gaming sector, and these five creators serve as a virtual cheat code to high engagement levels on Instagram, as well as on Twitch and YouTube.

Hannah Bryan is part of the Atlanta FaZe esports team, while Trisha Hershber has been hosting discussions about gaming and technology on various channels and platforms for more than one decade.

Kelsey Impicciche and Danielle are also active gameplay livestreamers, with Impicciche on a big The Sims 4 kick of late.

And Svetlana Quindt found a different road onto this list, teaching viewers how to make cosplays.

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