Open Influence is a “Creative Media Awards” Winner for the Multicultural/LGBT Category

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Incorporating diverse, intersectional creators should not be an afterthought to your marketing campaign. Consumers not only appreciate these efforts, but they also notice when you are not doing it. The general market is the multicultural market, and your content should reflect that.

Over the past decade, we have mastered the A – Z of influencer marketing. Our high-performing account managers bring campaigns to life every step of the way. And along the way, we get noticed.

We are pleased to announce that we are a Creative Media Awards winner for the Multicultural/LGBT Media award. This is for a campaign that has creatively used media aimed at a specific multicultural/LGBT segment. Take a look at our campaign that won.

Convos with CEOs ft. Hallease – Target X YouTube X Open Influence

Creative Media Awards

Target chose digital storyteller, Hallease, to create a brand new series of five videos called “Conversations with CEOs.” The series featured the unique entrepreneurial stories of the founders behind products featured at Target. Each YouTube video featured an interview with the founders of brands like Black Girl Sunscreen, Beauty Bakerie, Bellen’s More Than Peach, and more.

Verbal mentions about products featured at Target ran across multiple channels, from YouTube to Instagram. The five YouTube episodes received 6.4 million views, 4.2 million impressions, and 107.3K hours of watch time. The five Instagram reels garnered 28.1K views 30.5K, generating 2.7k total impressions.

Creative Media Awards

The Creative Media Awards is the only awards program that honors the media industry. The Creative Media Awards express the belief that media — the process of buying, planning and strategy — is every bit as creative as depicting storyboards for a print or TV ad campaign.

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