Building the Right Influencer Marketing Strategy

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Despite all of the uncertainties lingering from 2020, one thing remains clear: influencer marketing remains a highly effective form of storytelling. While the overwhelming majority of marketers see the value in working with influencers, the metrics involved in this rapidly evolving space, including ROI, are still mostly a mystery to many businesses.

During their session at Adweek’s Social Media Week Los Angeles, CEO Eric Dahan and Director of Account Management Maggie Reznikoff at Open Influence shared insight on building the right influencer marketing strategy that captivates your audience and stays true to your brand.


CEO Eric shared tips on considering the customer journey in influencer campaigns.

“We’ve gone from a linear customer journey to a more non-linear journey. There are many paths a consumer can take, even backtracking,” informs Open Influence’s Eric Dahan. “In influencer marketing, it’s easy to jump the gun and think tactically when it’s better to think strategically.”

“Social media is not a one size fits all tactic.”

– Maggie Reznikoff, Open Influence Director of Account Management


In this session, they taught:

  • How to develop and adapt influencer strategy to meet customers’ needs
  • How to craft winning strategies that identify the right influencers for your brand
  • How to strike the balance of direction and freedom to unlock a brand’s creative potential

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