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5 TikTok Holiday Trends To Jump Into

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’Tis the season to create on TikTok! The holiday season is in full swing on TikTok, and we have the latest trends for your brand to tap into. 



As a global platform, TikTok is encouraging users to share their unique holiday traditions, giving us a peek into how people celebrate around the world (as a global influencer agency, we will encourage our team to jump on this trend and share)

@madhuriugavekar#diwali #dhanteras♬ Shri Laxmi Mantra – Vandana Bhardwaj

@rebekahlowinHANUKKAH CANDY BOARD 💙🤍 tutorial coming soon to my IG! ✨ #jewish #jewishtiktok #jewishfood #hanukkah♬ Exactly Like You – Sam Cooke



This year, consumers have been eager to start the holiday season. And now that we are a couple of weeks away from the end of the year, users on social media have started the traditional holiday countdown. On TikTok, the hashtag shows how content creators prepare for the holidays. The big difference is that this year, creators are showing how they are preparing to not only have a fun holiday season but a safe one. You can find tips on how to travel and even decorate to accommodate for coronavirus safety measures. 

@laxtoluxuryThe countdown to Thanksgiving is on – here are some travel tips to prepare! #holidaycountdown #traveltips #thanksgiving #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner♬ TROP POP – mazemuusic

@athomewithshannonReminding my kids KINDNESS always WINS ❤️ #bekind #HolidayCountdown #momlife #momhack #learnontiktok♬ Lean on Me – Graham Blvd



The baking trend started at the beginning of the pandemic with homemade sourdough bread, but it is not stopping anytime soon. Now, TikTok influencers are creating videos that show creative Holiday recipes that are perfect for a cozy night in. This trend is perfect for food brands that want to showcase their products in a new light.

@jimmybigmusclesBiscotti al Limone🍋 #nonna #calabrese #nonni #nonnaskitchen #italiancooking #biscotti #lemon #cookies #italian #italia #italy #baking #fyp♬ Calabrisella – Enzo Petrachi

@matthewinthekitchenThe recipe for the coolest Christmas cookies EVER! Well maybe not the coolest bc they melted… #baking #cookies #cookiedecorating #christmasbaking♬ Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms



The holidays are all about showing gratitude and love to the people in your life. For the wholesome #bekind trend, creators show the many ways they spread kindness in their day-to-day lives. This trend is an opportunity for brands that want to build an emotional connection with their audience.

@grandadjoe1933Hope you enjoyed your treats @brookepaintain ☺️❤️ #bekind #wholesome #ukfood #grandad♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

@matthewnoahmagic3 Free Ways To Show Kindness #BeKind #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #Kindness #HolidayCountdown♬ WORD OF MOUTH – Sol Doc




Staying at home isn’t holding people back from wearing their best outfits. With the changing weather, audiences are looking for creative ways to dress while staying cozy. From mom influencers who pick their babies’ outfits to DIYers, everyone has a good outfit to show off. This is a great way for fashion brands to demonstrate the versatility of their clothing.

@hadassahadeCool hack for sweater season🍂! #FallFashion #sweaterseason #coldweather #fashionhacks #learnontiktok #fyp #pourtoi♬ positions – Ariana Grande

@ikidyounotbypsWhen that snuggly #FallFashion is prepped for Winter! #thathattho #toddlers♬ original sound – I Kid You Not

We are so ready to see what brands on TikTok come up with this holiday season. For more insights, check out our TikTok influencer guide.


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