Why Women Are the Foundation of Influencer Marketing

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March is International Women’s History Month – no better time to look back at the history of our own space and mark how much of an impact women have had. Indeed, women have been integral to influencer marketing and digital culture in general since the very inception. They were among the first creators to blaze trails on the internet, forging paths in new and exciting formats such as fashion vlogs, mommy blogs, travel videos  – and that’s just the early days. Over the past seven years we’ve been proud to work with women across all hobbies, interests and verticals, from talented medical professionals to military members.


Women were and certainly remain pioneers in the space. While culturally ubiquitous now, mommy bloggers were once just an idea – a group of talented mothers who wanted to share their experiences using social media. Now, mommy bloggers are responsible for an estimated 11 billion dollar industry.

Does that number turn your head? It shouldn’t. As a group, women are an economic powerhouse and we see that fact increasingly reflected in how advertisers spend their money. Estée Lauder reportedly spends 75 percent of its entire budget on influencer marketing because they understand how powerful of a network the global community of ladies have built, and they want to tap into it using the creative voices of some of the most talented women in business.

The Big Picture

It should come as no surprise, but women are more likely to share on social media than men in general.

They’re also savvier shoppers, with data showing that they’re more likely than men to consult social media first before making a purchase – 86 percent in fact. Faced with more product options than ever before, women learned to seek advice from their peers and favorite social media creators, using platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to demo products, review ideas and get inspiration!

Certain platforms, indeed, are dominated by women. 71 percent of Pinterest users are female – it’s no wonder then that Pinterest is often touted as one of the most inspirational and least-toxic places on the internet.


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Mommy bloggers in their element / @babybailymamadrama

Room for More

By now you see how great of an impact women have had on our space – but that doesn’t mean it’s time to rest on our laurels. All around the world, eager creators are hoping to get their chance to express their creativity and limitless talent. Sadly, there aren’t always opportunities for these incredible ladies, especially in certain parts of the globe. That’s why it’s our responsibility to keep lifting women up – partnering with creators who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance, picking qualified ladies for their much-deserved promotions, and much more.

Won’t you join us?


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