CA Lottery

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For this campaign, we were working with a highly-regulated industry (state-run lottery). We were aware of this when partnering with influencers to ensure all work was in compliance e.g. maintaining the correct percentage of 18+ and state-based followers.


Lifestyle and DIY influencers are great at educating and inspiring audiences. They embody that “I know that I can do this!” feel. They are also great at tying their experience to a larger story, a feeling of attainment, and fitting the product into their life. 

This campaign had a simple premise: during the holiday season, people want to give gifts to their acquaintances, the people they are grateful for but don’t spend that much time with. Think neighbors, mail person, hairstyles, you name it. Those people in their life that brighten their day. Scratchers aren’t just awesome gifts to receive – they’re the ultimate gift to give, especially for casual, acquaintance-like relationships in their lives.


“The 12 Days of Christmas” is a popular and timeless holiday tradition. In that spirit, we recruited twelve influencers for our “12 Days of Scratchers” digital campaign, which saw each creator posting their content across twelve consequence days, tagging the next person in line to form a 12-day, multi-touch experience for the consumer.

The key messaging was that Cal Lottery Holiday Scratchers are the perfect go-to gift for acquaintances. With a little bit of creativity (and a dash of inspiration from our content), our audiences could wrap up holiday scratchers in a highly personalized, meaningful way. It added an extra layer to the already fun Scratcher, a sense of being made “from scratch” and just for them. Fun all around!

We also extended our influence beyond the screen with an experiential component – two separate and completely adorable Pop-Up events that were open to the public. Here, creators and passer-bys decorated Holiday Scratchers, completing the perfect-gift with that special touch of being made “from scratch.”


12 Days of Scratchers over-delivered across several metrics, especially when looking at our Paid Social component. We were able to achieve a $4.32 CPM, with a 4.82% EARL Score (a Facebook-provided study which indicates brand-recall) and an impressive 13,000 clicks. When looking at organic content, several things stood out – one creator boasted an incredible 2,621 saves from her in-feed post, almost half of the total campaign saves (4,692).

“Saves” are wonderful metric to consider as they signify certain influencers and their content have an authoritative voice to inspire people to invest in a product, which leads to purchase intent and provides an ever-green saving mechanism.

A total of 9.5 million organic followers were targeted through 27 (out of 24 commissioned) pieces of content, with over half a million Story views and 1.6 million organic impressions.