Holland Master

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The Audience

  • Family, Food, Lifestyle
  • Male and Female
  • Ages 25-35
  • Germany

The Strategy

Cheese, like wine, is all about the pairing. Similarly, our life moments are all about the people we spend them with and the unique ways we connect to one another.

Open Influence activated German lifestyle, foodie and parent influencers whose aspirational content complimented Holland Master’s premium brand of cheeses. The goal was to capture the warmth and familial joy archetypal of winter, but told through the diverse lenses of Germany’s tastemakers.

Their flat lays are beautiful, but the pieces that also displayed human activity saw particularly high engagement. Through these works, we sense real people – bundled in sweaters, legs tangled below the table, enjoying a nice meal by the firelight. Cohesive as a whole, the pieces show great diversity, represented by the many rich winter shades: creamy oranges, bright popping greens, autumnal reds and pops of white.


The Holland Master campaign drove an organic post reach of 2.7MM, above our guaranteed reach of 2.5MM. It drove an engagement rate of 3.04% when looking at just likes & comments of in-feed posts, well above the industry average of 1.5% – 2%, performing very well for a paid for campaign.