Jack Ryan

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The Audience

  • Auto enthusiasts, outdoors, extreme sports, Parkour
  • Male 70% and Female 30%
  • Ages 21+
  • US

Key Insights

Our campaign began with advanced reconnaissance: we watched the first three episodes of Jack Ryan with fans of the action/adventure genre and recorded their responses. We gleaned that audiences gravitate to Jack for his slightly nerdy vibe and everyman status. Additionally, viewers leaned into the high-speed chases, dangerous stunts, and military overtones for which spy-thrillers are known and loved.

Using these insights, we combed through our proprietary database of over 500,000 influencers to identify action-oriented content creators with just a dash of geek. Our goal was to craft a story that celebrated the ordinary hero, leaving viewers breathless with a hyper-realistic POV experience.

The Strategy

The driver. The stuntmen. The skater. The VFX wizards.

In order to succeed, Open Influence needed a team of ace operatives. We recruited five influencers from unique – but contextually relevant – vertices including automotive, adventure, and extreme sports to produce a white-knuckle, first-person action video. Each influencer took turns playing the role of Jack to showcase their respective talents – from dangerous stunt skating to high-flying parkour jumps – which we stitched together into one seamless take.

To maximize the video’s impact, we leaned into the collaborative spirit of online content creation. All five influencers brought a unique perspective to the project, which they captured in personalized behind-the-scenes coverage. To fully leverage their distribution power, each creator uploaded pieces of the finished video along with BTS extras to their respective channels. They also cross-promoted material, making sure to shout out their fellow creators in comments, captions and titles.

The Results

By every metric, operation Jack Ryan was a smash success. Open Influence over-delivered on every ask, generating 5.12 million impressions out of 33 posts, including 15 in-feed Instagram posts, 10 Insta Stories, 3 Facebook shares, and 5 YouTube videos. Together, their content averaged almost 2x the industry average for engagement. Last but not least, Jack rocketed up the TV charts, with a reported 40 percent of all Prime users tuning in the first month.