Five Ways Brand Partnered With Influencers During NYFW

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While fashion magazines look back on the best design pieces of this month’s New York Fashion Week, we thought it’s time to reflect on how savvy brands leveraged social influencers for NYFW involvement. Unless you are the hosting brand or a magazine editor, it is fairly difficult to gain access to fashion show events and create live content for your audience. Fashion and lifestyle influencers, on the other hand, usually receive front-of-row VIP passes to Fashion Week’s most coveted shows. Therefore, a partnership with influencers allows brands to showcase exclusive NYFW coverage in front of their social media fans, as well as to dramatically enhance their brand image by associating themselves with the ultimate trendsetters at NYFW. Below, check out five ways brands collaborated with influencers to learn how you can apply the same strategies for the next big events in your industry!

1. Account Takeover

Giving influencers keys to your social media accounts is a common practice of influencer marketing, and this trick can prove to be even more effective for time-sensitive events like New York Fashion Week. Obviously, influencers can drive their fans to your social media profiles and help you gain followers. But the strategic benefit of an account takeover campaign is the spike in engagement level. From street shots to back-stage show snaps, influencers can tell the NYFW story through their eye and engage your followers with their creatively-curated content. Moreover, if the takeover period extends into a full week, your audience will be enticed to check your social feed constantly because they can’t bear to miss any new updates from the influencer!

2. Live Show Coverage

Yes, your followers can recap fashion shows by checking out magazine articles, news articles, etc. to get the insider scoop on NYFW. But why can’t you fulfill their curiosity and give them a sense of exclusivity by feeding them live show content? Influencers are usually invited to attend several shows during Fashion Week, so they are the perfect candidates to be your NYFW field reporters. From Snapchat live updates to Periscope live streaming, there are multiple ways for influencers to give your audience a taste of what sitting in the front row of the major runway show looks like. For example, Dream Hotels partnered with lifestyle and fashion influencer Marianna Hewitt who provided the hotel’s Snapchat audience with behind-the-scenes looks at the Lauren Conrad Show.