Influencer Q&A: Thiago Pethit @Thiagopethit

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For musicians, life on the road is the norm. Brazilian musician, Thiago Pethit, stepped aside from his rock n’ roll lifestyle to share with us what life has been like on and off the road touring. His tremendous amount of passion for his music and his fans is truly inspiring. Check out the talented and extremely inspirational, Thiago Pethit!

1. We Want To Get To Know You A Little Better! What Does Your Day-To-Day Life Consist Of?

I don’t really have a routine, so my day-to-day life changes pretty much every day – and that’s the good part of being me! I’m touring most of the time, so the closest I get to have a normal day is a sequence of events that goes this way: airport, airplane, new hotel, sound check, concert, party, and back to the beginning. It feels a little like a 70’s Rolling Stones-cliché kind of life (and sometimes it is as good as it sounds), but there are moments when all I really wish is to be back home! Which means: being in São Paulo, my hometown, with my friends, and away from parties. Drinking wine and cooking for a small group of friends at my place (yes, I do cook), that’s what I call “home sweet home”.

2. When Did You Realize Your Passion For Music?

When I was a kid, my father had many jobs. One of them was working as a disk jockey at a local radio station, where he headed a show every night. I didn’t see him much because he really worked a lot, so listening to his radio show was my odd way of spending time with him. In fact, I was discovering who he was through the songs he chose to play. It made me realize how powerful music is – either the music you make or the music you choose to listen to, it tells a great deal about you.

3. How Did Your Life And Career Begin In The Music Industry?

I never thought I would work in the music industry really. I was more interested in writing poetry and making art performances. One day, a group of musician friends asked me to help them put together a concert with their new songs. My job was producing the show but they asked me to join the band in some acts. I thought it would be awkward, but in fact, it was liberating. I realized that making music was the best parts of poetry and performance combined. So it was settled: I put together an EP with my first songs and luckily it caught the attention of a producer who was bringing international acts to São Paulo. I spent my next year doing the opening act for bands like Beirut, Nouvelle Vague, and Bonnie Prince Billy. Yes, it was hard work and no cash for a while. But after some time things started to grow…

4. Now That You Are A Social Media Influencer, How Has This Affected Your Music Career?

In a super positive way. I believe being an artist and a social media influencer are two aspects of the same role. It’s all about communicating and sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences. Social media is a great display window to my music and an efficient tool to invite people to join my concerts. But it also gives me the opportunity to add new layers of complexity to my work. I realized that I could express myself not only through music. I could juxtapose it to photography, fashion and attitude. It made my work stronger and more engaging.

5. What Is Your Favorite Part About Performing And Sharing Your Music With Your Fans?

The best moment is when we are facing each other at the concerts. I can look them in the eye, see that I reflect them, their thoughts, their wishes, the things they dream of, things they believe can happen to them, sometimes they happen through me. Sometimes I feel like I am their voice. I feel like we have the same truth.

6. What Is Your Advice To Aspiring Musicians?

No matter how good or talented you are as a musician, it’s all about hustling. So be as good as you can, and go hustle your way. If it gets hard, try to remember who you are and why you started. It will show you the way.