Influencer Q&A: Danilo Carnevale @Danilocarnevale

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Within the last few years, the fashion vertical has grown tremendously on social media. Instagram has become an outlet for fashion influencers to display their own style and what is trending in the current season. We got the opportunity to chat with a leading men’s fashion influencer, Danilo Carnevale. This Menswear Ambassador shows the world what is trending and what makes up his own personal style. His love for fashion and his passion for sharing his style is truly inspiring to his followers. Check out the talented and stylish, Danilo Carnevale below!

Fashion Influencer, Danilo Carnevale

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself

When Did You Decide To Become A Menswear Ambassador? In life, there are always choices to be made and sometimes, for these reasons, will lead to a future that you’ve probably always wanted. My life was different from that which I lead today, but when I felt inside me that my real passion wanted to get out, I was bound to accept and begin my journey.

2. What Are Three Staple Items Every Guy Needs In Their Closet For Fall?

This winter is very important for me: white denim jeans that, when combined in the right way, makes the outfit brighter and different; tassel loafers and a double-breasted coat is a must. Every man should have one.

3. How Has Your Career And Life Changed Since Becoming A Social Media Influencer?

My life has changed a lot since I started this job. I’m very busy with my work. You have to create relationships, you have to become known about who you are, and you have to commit a lot to get results. It has radically changed my lifestyle in some aspects but I remain the same person as always.

4. Where Do You Drive Your Fashion Inspiration From And What Are Some Of Your Favorite Brands?

As I have always said, my inspiration is the street. I take inspiration and I mix and match different colors and fabrics, also different styles. The important thing is that the result is perfect. I don’t prefer one brand in detail. I worked with many brands and I have always found, in each of them, something that belonged to me. You can see my style on my Instagram account @danilocarnevale.

5. Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Menswear Influencers?

My favorite influencers are the people that I meet every day on the street, mainly at shows where you have the opportunity to learn about many different types of style. They allow you to enter their world and learn about aspects of fashion that often are not common and disclosed.