[MediaPost] Why Brands Should Pay Attention To The Rise Of Social SEO

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The internet is haunted by the ghosts of search engines past — AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Excite, and Lycos come to mind. Yahoo became the early king of the search hill, and Microsoft made its play with Bing.  However, we all know who rules the sector. To Google has become synonymous with online searches, much as Coke did with soft drinks and Band-Aid with bandages.

As TikTok rises as a leading search engine, social SEO has become incredibly relevant for brands. Users are looking to social media for short-form entertainment. They’re also using the platforms’ search capabilities to uncover genuine testimonials to gain insight on what products are truly worth buying versus those they can live without.

While there are several social listening tools out there, all brands would benefit from a quick TikTok search of their brand name and product. They should be taking note of the type of content that tends to float to the top. Is the sentiment generally positive or negative? Are there common questions or concerns that consumers are posing that the brand should address head on? Having all this information at your fingertips puts you in the position of power to develop a strategy that uniquely fills these gaps.

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