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The Creator Economy Takes Center Stage at CES 2023

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Held in Las Vegas, CES, short for Consumer Electronics Show, is the largest and most influential technology event in the world. The event brings together major companies and industry leaders each year to showcase their latest products and technologies. 

At CES, attendees can expect to see the latest developments in consumer technology, including new smartphones, laptops, televisions, home appliances, and much more. 

Keynote Speakers and Panel Discussions

In addition to product demonstrations, the event also features keynote speakers, and panel discussions that explore the impact of technology in business and society. A few members from our Open Influence team attended this year’s CES event.

Open Influence Team’s Experience at CES

“Absolutely blown away by CES!  It was great being able to hear from industry experts about the latest trends and how those are going to impact our industry! There’s no doubt the creator economy is growing and with advancement in areas like AI it will only keep growing.” 

– Jess Tobey

“CES 2023 was beyond inspiring! It was so interesting to see all of the emerging brands and new technology. There was so much going on all week between all of the halls, speakers/ panels, and activities at the convention center, and all of the participating hotels.”

– Danielle Michaelson

Empowering Brand and Influencer Relationships

CES is a place where new technologies are previewed for the first time, like 5G and AI. According to Insider Intelligence, there’s even technology to empower brand and influencer relationships. 

“Partnering with creators is a human-to-human experience. How can we [create new tools] to make that as efficient as possible?” said Instagram’s head of business marketing, Bridget Evans.

An entire new conference track was dedicated to the creator economy. Five themes for 2023 were discussed at the event, including the democratization of data for creators, the influence of AI in sparking more creativity, and the use of technology to empower brand-influencer relationships.

The Creator Economy

Creators, who are estimated to be between 50 million and 200 million worldwide, are increasingly seeking brand partnerships as a way to monetize their content. Working with a top tier creator marketing agency can facilitate their ability to reach a mass audience that will further build their brand. 

This presents opportunities for brands to connect with a large number of content producers and launch campaigns with the help of influencer marketing agencies like Open Influence

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