What we believe

We believe marketing could be a little more human (right?!) That starts with extraordinary humans who share stories that move the world.

Our Values

Be a good human.
Strive for improvements. Little changes, big impact.
Stay open to ideas from everywhere and anyone.
Drive diversity. Let's be different together.
Embrace innovation.

We Know Humans Love Stories, So Here's Ours!

  • 2012


    Initially, our co-founders wanted to break into the fashion business. It wasn’t long until they realized another market was waiting for disruption, and we got right to work telling the world about it. Yup, you guessed it: influencer marketing.

  • 2013

    Open Influence was first officially founded under the name InstaBrand. (Los Angeles, CA)

    We got results, and we got them fast. And because it’s built on human interaction, clients intrinsically understood our idea.
    Our first client: American Apparel!

  • 2014

    In just one year of business, we achieved 7 figures in revenue!

  • 2015

    Our company continued to grow, and we even expanded internationally.

    • (USA) Los Angeles, NY, Chicago, San Francisco
    • (Italy) Milan
    • (UK) London
    • (China) Hong Kong
  • 2016

    The nation started to notice, and our CEO Eric Dahan was listed on Inc’s 30 Under 30.

    The world even started to notice, and we began winning awards:

    • Interactive Key Award (Europe):
      Social Media Campaign of the Year
  • 2017

    We wanted to open our company’s influence to more than just Instagram, so we rebranded from InstaBrand to Open Influence.

    More noteworthy things happened, like becoming an Amazon Web Services Partner and our CEO Eric Dahan getting listed on Forbes 30 Under 30.
    And we won more awards:

    • Interactive Key Award (Europe):
      Social Media Campaign of the Year
  • 2018

    Open Influence was named to the 2018 Inc. 5000 – the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

    And we continued to win more awards:

    • Interactive Key Award (Europe):
      Social Media Campaign of the Year
  • 2019

    Open Influence wasn’t just partnering with brands and people, but platforms too! In 2019, we became a Facebook Preferred Agency Partner!

    More accomplishments included:

    • Inc 5000
    • Las Vegas Digital Media Awards
    • OMMA Award: Best Influencer Campaign
  • 2020

    We created business-changing, life-changing, and world-changing impact. When the pandemic hit the world, we were able to freely give our efforts to the #InMyScrubs campaign, which raised over $160k and facilitated the delivery of over 50,000 meals to critical-need hospitals most impacted by the pandemic. In addition, we pushed our diversity and inclusion efforts forward and participated in an award-winning campaign: More Than A Vote. This history-making creator campaign helped stop voter suppression in black and brown areas.

    We kept pushing forward during difficult times  and it was noticed:

    • Inc 5000
    • The Drums Social Media Purpose Award: Best Social Media Campaign
    • Media Post Creative Awards in the “Multicultural/LGBT Media” and “Social Media” categories
  • 2021

    Coming out of a year like 2020, when everyone was on social media, we knew we needed to pull out all our best campaign show stoppers.

    Turns out, our creator campaigns were the “BEST”!
    • Interactive Key Award:
      Best Influencer Marketing Campaign
    • Cynopsis “Best of the Best Awards”
      (Target -Best use of an Influencer- and Universal – Best Branded Campaign on a Digital Platform)
  • 2022

    After a decade in the industry, we decided to launch a software product, Go Prism, to help marketers make better investment decisions when it comes to creator marketing. You can track sponsored activity across your industry, benchmark against competitors, find the best-suited creators, and manage brand safety.

    This year we got preferred access to the TikTok Creator Marketplace API… And brought home more awards:

    • YouTube Works
      Brands as Creators: Convos with CEOs
    • 2022 Media Post Creative awards in the “Multicultural/LGBT Media”:  Convos with CEOs
    • Webbys Honoree
"The entire team at OI is passionate, knowledgeable, and wildly creative, making it an incredibly empowering place to work. We want to do great work for ourselves, our teammates, our clients, and to positively influence the future of creator marketing!" Zach Honer
"I absolutely love working at OI! OI as a whole stands on values and it’s not just for show! The entire leadership team truly cares about us as people and not just employees!" Jessica Tobey
"Working at OI is like working with my family! Everyone is so eager to help whenever they can. Most people talk about how much they enjoy working from home, however working at OI makes miss going into work more than imaginable." Natacha Chowaiki
“At OI you never feel alone - no matter what your department is or what kind of work you're trying to manage, you can feel the support from your team and the rest of the company. There's always someone willing to help you at work and even outside of it which makes it all the more fun.” Mikaela Arce-Ignacio

Our Leading Voices

  • Our proprietary technology is rooted in a relentless obsession to drive efficiency for our world-class operations team, which ensures smooth and successful campaigns for clients.
  • Now more than ever, there’s an unprecedented amount of energy, participation, and inspiration on social media. At OI we are dedicated to helping marketers harness the power of this activity through the lens of talented creators. Our team of experts works tirelessly to deliver first-class activations to top brands, leveraging our preferred partnerships with the most relevant platforms and powerful proprietary data & technology. Come join the list of Fortune 500 brands who have put their trust in us!
  • Building & maintaining trust is the core of Open Influence's outstanding account management team. On a daily basis, our AMs implement seamless strategies and solutions on both sides of the brand-influencer equation. They are true experts in the field of influencer marketing, consistently delivering tech-enabled white glove service to the brands we work with. I couldn't be more proud to work with this group of strategic and creative professionals.
  • Influencer marketing may be new, but the concept of influence is timeless. People with real passions will always feel the urge to share their ideas, products and inspiration. Social media made this scalable- and we found a way to make it marketable.
  • Influencers are a creative lot. The best part of working with them is channeling that limitless creativity into something new and unexpected, pushing the limits of their craft and unifying all that talent into a singular vision.
  • When I first heard of OI I was immediately drawn to the idea of bringing the human element back to advertising by unlocking the potential of the world’s creators. In the age of social media, we can pique people’s curiosity and capture their minds and hearts through powerful storytelling. It’s never been a more exciting time for marketers!
  • In a globalized world, brands must be able to reach audiences with messages that are tailored to the distinctive characteristics of each culture and country. With influencer marketing, you can rely on creators to communicate your brand story effectively.
  • We live in a world where anyone can have access to information anytime, anywhere. Influencer marketing filters relevant content, helping us discover new experiences. I’m happy to see how at Open Influence we help brands tell their story leveraging the power of influencers: credibility, authenticity and creativity.
  • We believe that marketing is more than a message, and creators have the power to change your brand and business. With creators in the marketing mix, brands can show up more creatively, innovatively, and humanly in the world to get people out there to think, feel and do more.