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Social Media News: The Best Stories of the Month

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Find out the latest social media news, trends, and tips every influencer marketing agency should know. There are several platform updates from the last month.

Find out the latest social media news, trends, and tips. There are several platform updates from the last month.

YouTube Hides Public Dislike Counts

YouTube cancels dislike button number count.To avoid public shaming, YouTube announced they are hiding the dislike number count. Although the button will still be there, users won’t be as likely to use it to harass a creator. When YouTube began testing hiding dislike numbers, they noticed fewer comments like, “I just came here to dislike.” Overall, it will be less satisfying to dislike since you won’t be able to see the number go up. Although, the creator will be able to access that number for analytic purposes. 

Other platforms have hidden metrics, too, in an effort to take social pressure away. Facebook influencer marketing and Instagram influencer marketing, for example, have made it possible to hide like counts.

This is all thanks to social listening.

Platforms seem to do a decent job at hearing users’ likes, dislikes, and suggestions. From those, they make changes to better the user experience. 

That’s how Twitter Blue was formed.

Twitter’s New Subscription Offering

Meet Twitter Blue, a subscription-based offer that provides additional app features. Currently, it’s only available in Canada and Australia. 

There’s still going to be the regular, free Twitter, don’t worry. However, for the Twitter Blue subscribers, here are the perks:

Twitter Blue New Subscription Offering

  • Bookmark Folders – to organize your saved content.
  • Undo Tweet – to correct mistakes by previewing what your Tweet will look like before it’s posted.
  • Reader Mode – to keep up with extended threads on Twitter by turning them into easy-to-read text so you can read all the latest content seamlessly.

To be a Twitter Blue subscriber, you will get these features for the monthly price of $3.49 CAD or $4.49 AUD. 

Sometimes, you have to pay for more. Whether that’s a subscription or paid ads, it’s worth knowing the benefits.

TikTok Duets Can Be Boosted

TikTok Duets Boosted AdsEvery TikTok influencer agency, marketer, brand and creators should listen up! Duet posts as Spark ads creatives on TikTok are now supported. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Only two-creator-duets will be accepted as ad creatives
  • Clients will need to acquire promotional video codes from both creators
  • Clients will need to apply video codes in reverse: the video from the second creator will go first.

*Stitch is still not available, but stay tuned. We’ll make sure you know all the latest updates.

Delete Photo/Video From Instagram Carousel 

Instagram has two new and valuable features. One that’s been heavily requested is the ability to delete individual posts from within an uploaded carousel. This could be an image or a video. To do so, tap the three dots menu, select the Edit button, then find the image/video you want to delete, and tap on the trash icon in the top left corner.

The other feature added this week is the ‘rage shake’ function. If you are experiencing an issue on Instagram, you can simply report it by shaking your phone. 


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