Open Influence’s CTO Talks At #AWSsummitSF 2018

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Amazon Web Services (AWS), has demonstrated great initiative to get ahead the AI race. Today, it offers more than 125 services to its customers and in the fourth quarter, it held 34 % of the market for cloud infrastructure services, according to Synergy Research Group.

On Wednesday, the cloud computing community gathered together to learn more about AWS in San Francisco. The event had remarkable presentations. Venkatesh Bagaria, Sr. Product Manager (Amazon Rekognition), delivered a tech talk on Amazon Rekognition. Micky Dionisio, CTO (Open Influence), joined the conversation and shared the company’s efforts to take influencer marketing to the next level by leveraging the power of Machine Learning.

“Amazon Rekognition, along with the Machine Learning family of AWS products have enabled us to focus on what matters: findings the best set of influencers to drive consistent ROI for our clients. Our approach of combining accurately classified image analysis with our first-party, proprietary machine learning technology has not gone unnoticed by the Rekognition team. It was a pleasure to share the stage with them again (first time was at re:Invent 2017) to discuss the continued shared impact we’re making in the influencer marketing industry.”

Micky Dionisio (CTO Open Influence) 


During the session they provided an overview of Amazon Rekognition Video, a deep learning-powered image and video analysis service that tracks people, detects activities, and recognizes objects, celebrities, and inappropriate content.