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Instagram Rolls Out Pinned Comments

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Instagram just rolled out a new comment feature that allows users and brands to pin up to 3 comments to the top of their in-feed posts. This gives people the opportunity to take control of their comment threads by setting the tone they prefer. This change obviously comes hot on the heels of criticism for the platform’s (and parent company Facebook’s) challenges in combating harassment and hate.

Why This Feature Matters

Between COVID, Black Lives Matter, and the upcoming election, polarizing and hateful commentary is taking social media by storm. This new feature is a step in the right direction for the platform as it allows Instagram users to prioritize positivity for their own brand and feed.

How Can Brands and Influencers Use The Pinned Comments Feature

  • Drive brand affinity: Pinning positive comments about a brand, product, or service ( for example: “I love this cookie!” “my kids loved this recipe!” etc.) can encourage more positive comments to follow from other fans.
  • Highlight positivity: Brands and influencers who may be floored with commentary that stands against their values will now benefit from this feature. Pinned comments allow creators and brands to bring positive comments to the forefront. This is especially helpful when making bigger brand acts or commitments to a cause, like the Black Lives Matter movement or Pride Month.
  • Showcase verified user popularity: Pinning comments from verified users and/or high profile celebrities and personalities can be useful to encourage fans to comment, further driving engagement.
  • Show off your partnerships: This feature is an amazing opportunity to show genuine partnerships in this influencer marketing platform. Influencers can comment on brand’s posts they are working with (or vice versa) and pin that comment to show the affinity/relationship between the two.

As an influencer marketing agency, we are excited to see how this small but important feature redirects the conversation on social platforms towards a more positive and value-driven space.