#PositiveInfluence – Influencer Marketing for Public Good

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If there’s one thing our collective struggles have made evident over the past few months, it’s the enduring power of human connection. Despite the many obstacles and challenges we’ve faced, humans continue to find creative ways to stay connected to one another and provide support when we need it most – whether in-person or, increasingly, through the internet.

One method we’ve been especially proud to see providing effective solutions in real-time has been our own – influencer marketing – which organizations big and small have been relying on influencers to spread key health messages and mobilize people into action. Just last month the United Nations issuing its first-ever global creative brief calling on the world’s digital creators to help spread key health messages.

Whenever there’s a need for stirring up an audience into action, influencer marketing can be an effective tool. As we’ve seen over the past three months, one aspect of public life that’s certainly in need of mobilizing is our collective support for healthcare workers, whether that’s through direct donations, or simply making sure that people remain inside until this situation is squarely behind us.

We recently embarked on a partnership with InMyScrubs, an absolutely inspiring group of heroes making a difference on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free meals and spreading the word on social distancing.

The team over at InMyScrubs knew from the outset that the best way to spread the word was by tapping into the power of human connection-  and no group of creators is better suited at doing just that than social media influencers.

Together, Open Influence and InMyScrubs have recruited over ninety influencers from a myriad of niches – families, models, artists, pet parents, and more – producing over 100 pieces of content with swipe ups and links-in-bios to direct audiences straight to their ongoing GoFundMePage (link to donate here). These posts speak to a number of different lifestyles and interests while promoting the same key messages of staying inside “in your scrubs” in solidarity with healthcare workers on the front lines.

In just five weeks, their GoFundMe has already raised over $120,000 and delivered 23,000 meals to healthcare workers.

The results so far show the power of mobilizing creators for a common good. Social media creators working across different genres, talking about completely different aspects of life, and speaking to vastly different audiences are still able to form a united front of people ready to engage with your brand or cause.

With the right influencer marketing strategy, nonprofits and other NGOs can build lasting connections with audiences all around the world and drive huge results in key areas such as fundraising and brand awareness.

Check out some of our favorite examples below, and be sure to donate to the #InMyScrubs challenge if you feel inspired!

@angelbabyleea for #InMyScrubs

@beanthins for #InMyScrubs

@dianaespir for #InMyScrubs