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The 3 C’s – Culture of Influence 

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More than 50 million people globally consider themselves content creators. Today, the economy is estimated at 104.2 billion.

Creators drive the global cultural conversation. Their influence plays a pivotal role in shaping consumers’ behaviors and emotions. 

Creators are mirrors and magnifier glasses that offer a direct pathway to understanding what moves our society forward. What creators say, feel, and do have a direct impact on what people are talking about, doing, and buying. 

Here are three roles that creators take on: converse, convince, and community-build.

The 3 C’s:

1) Creators Converse with their audience, either reacting to existing conversations or creating new ones – whether by talking on-camera, interacting with audiences using polls, or using memes as a way to emote. They connect with audiences through pop culture, leaning into what’s happening in the world, sharing day-to-day feelings, and everything in between! Creators are conversation starters, shapers, and shifters.

2) Creators Convince their audience of what they need to own. With greater trust ratings than celebrity endorsements and traditional advertisement, and the rise of the creator economy, the focus on creators has expanded to include conversation and conversion alike. Sample statistics showcase that over 80% of consumers have made a purchase based on an influencer recommendation (Inmar Intelligence, Rakuten Marketing). Creators are the driving forces behind economic and behavioral changes.

3) Creators Community-Build by bringing people together through common passion points, movements, and their love for brands and what they represent. Whether through taking much-needed stances or shaping real-time conversations, creators foster connections between their audiences using interactive social features that help bridge the online and offline worlds. Creator affinity brings people together during a loneliness epidemic. 

Partnering with Creators to Stay on the Pulse of Culture 

Creators help brands keep a finger on the pulse of relevant cultural moments. 

According to AdWeek, a quarter of all consumer purchasing decisions are driven solely by cultural relevance. 

“Over the past two years, TikTok has become a culture driver on a global scale,” said Eric Dahan, CEO at Open Influence. “Its unique hyper-engaged community has played an increasingly larger role in influencing users’ behavior on and off the screen. Brands who are looking to connect with audiences purposefully have found that TikTok creator marketing is a direct way to tap into subcultures and trends that make a big impact.”

See for yourself how brands are creating culturally relevant moments with creators on TikTok.

@gunnardeatherage #ad Making my Dream #RedCarpet Dress for #KellyandRyan! Check out the @Kelly and Ryan #AfterOscar Show on Monday, March 28th! #diy #sewing #fashion #oscarsathome #oscars ♬ original sound – Gunnar Deatherage

Fashion-Forward Creators Hyped Audiences to Watch LIVE with Kelly and Ryan After Oscar Special. @jarrylee went to the @bose launch event for the new QuietComfort Earbuds II where she saw her all-time favorite band The Strokes perform! #creators ♬ original sound –

Creators attended Bose’s launch event for the new QuietComfort Earbuds II and took their audience along with them to enjoy The Strokes in concert. 

@24framesofginger #ad I loved this movie! #Lightyear @Pixar ♬ Mission Perpetual – From “Lightyear” – Michael Giacchino

Leading up to the theatrical release of Lightyear, creators went on a trip to Pixar Animation Studios to explore the campus and capture content from their fun-filled activities. They each created a TikTok video, which authentically encapsulated the travel influencer marketing experience.  

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