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The pandemic triggered an explosion of effects and changes throughout the entertainment industry. Concert and movie-theater suffered, but other areas – like streaming, flourished. Now, post-pandemic, some entertainment industry areas are pushing to get back to normal, and others are learning to hold on to and propel their progress even further. 

Despite the pandemic’s hit, the overall industry isn’t expected to hurt long-term. The entertainment and media industry in the US is worth $717 billion. Globally, it is worth 2.5 trillion and expects to hit 2.8 trillion by 2025!  

A growing industry also means that there’s fierce competition. If you want audiences to flock to your entertainment outlet, you need to utilize some creators in your marketing strategy. In this 1-pager, we will give you all the insights on:

  • How to adapt post-pandemic in the entertainment industry
  • The best practices for creator marketing
  • How to connect with your audiences on a deeper level

Download our 1-pager to get all the information you need to create an entertaining industry creator marketing campaign.

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