Influencer Q&A: Ryan Potter @Ryankpotter

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Raised in Japan, and now an LA native, Ryan Potter has shown success through all of his endeavors. He is known as a social media influencer, an actor, and the voice of Hiro in Disney’s Big Hero 6. We caught up with Ryan to discuss his success and what life is like outside of the online influencer world.

Social media influencer and actor Ryan Potter

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself. What Does A Typical Day Look Like For You?

My name is Ryan Potter, 19 years old. Born in Oregon, raised in Japan, moved to LA when I was 7. I left a brick and mortar school in 9th grade and started acting in a Nickelodeon show. From that point on I’ve done numerous independent films and was lucky enough to play Hiro in Disney’s Big Hero 6. A typical day consists of checking and sending numerous emails, collaborating with numerous photographers and models in the la area. Seeing what’s new and trending across all social media platforms, meetings with managers, agents, business partners. Aside from business I train in martial arts, take care of my pets, hang out with friends, and camp whenever the opportunity is available.

2. What’s Your Favorite Part About Living In _______?

My favorite part of living in Los Angeles is being surrounded by like-minded individuals and creatives. I’m able to collaborate with some of the most talented people in the world here in Los Angeles.

3. Where Do You Derive Inspiration From?

I derive inspiration from different time periods, films, music, and books. Currently, most of my content has drawn inspiration from the 80’s.

4. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Instagram Accounts To Follow?

@badboi @takubeats @viktorvash @romanroyale @13thwitness @team_cozy @nikelab @fresh_window_tint @adidasy3 @cncpts @dr_woo_ssc

5. Do You Have Any Tips For Taking The Perfect Instagram Shot?

Find a niche, a theme, good photographers or models, and get out and create! Practice and get good at what you love.