Gen Z: The Snapchat Generation

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It’s a well-acknowledged fact that Snapchat skews heavily towards the younger demographic; more precisely, the teen and tween groups. Teenagers reportedly make up 86% of the number 1 ephemeral social app’s user base, and three million of them have left Facebook during 2011 and 2014. This social media paradigm shift led to Snapchat now being the social platform with the most monthly active users — 200 million, compared to 140 million on Facebook. Growing alongside Snapchat are teenagers, or Generation Z, who are quickly eclipsing millennials as the largest population segment in America. Teen consumers are especially attractive to brands because they can turn out to be life-long loyalists if they start loving their products at a young age.

In a nutshell, both Snapchat and Generation Z are too important and lucrative to be ignored by brand marketers. But how much do you know about them besides “teens are all on Snapchat”?

The handy infographic above summarizes all the key info you need to know about teenagers and Snapchat.

Key Facts About Snapchat And Teens 

  • Teenagers are 3.5 times more likely than other internet users to be on Snapchat
  • 12% of teens say that Snapchat is the “coolest” app, versus just 3% of all Internet users
  • is extremely popular in European countries including the UK, Sweden, and Belgium. For instance, while 52% of
  • Irish teens are on Snapchat, only 41% of American teens use the app
  • users are mobile-driven: 52% of Snapchat users purchased a product online in the last quarter of 2014, compared to 45% on Instagram and 36% on Facebook
  • 11% of teens say Snapchat is their most-used social platform
  • 51% of teenage girls and 31% of teenage boys use Snapchat
  • 14% of teens from households with an annual income of more than 75k use Snapchat most, whereas only 7% of teens from households with an annual income less than 30k use Snapchat

Top Five Snapchat Influencers Teenagers Follow 

Snapchat stars are riding the cultural wave and influencing what average teens think and want. By looking into who those influencers are and what kinds of content they create, brands can have a better understanding of how to craft their own Snapchat content strategy to better engage with notoriously fickle teen consumers.

  • Having worked with big brands like CBS and Walt Disney to develop Snapchat-specific social media campaigns, Michael Platco is a Snapchat-made “marketing expert.”

    Snapchat: @mplatco

  • With more than 5 million subscribers, Joey Graceffa is a prolific YouTuber who has successfully expanded his social media comedic prowess onto.

    Snapchat. @JoeyGraceffa16

  • Named by Yahoo! as one of the most “web-savvy entrepreneurs to watch,” Casper Lee is a 20-year-old YouTube and Snapchat Influencer who grew up with the vlogging trend. He was also awarded “UK’s Favorite Vlogger” by Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

    Snapchat: @casperlee1994

  • 17 year-old Tanner Zagarino is a model, Instagrammer, and social media star. His profile has attracted many followers on Snapchat and beyond. 


  • Lilly Singh, known by her YouTube name IISuperwomanII, is a Canadian-American YouTuber who has developed a unique comedic style of her own with creative skits and parodies. Her content has attracted over 6 million YouTube subscribers and is also well received among Snapchat audience. 


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