Influencer Q&A: Trisha Hershberger @Thatgrltrish

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We got to interview the bubbly and hilarious, Trisha Hershberger. This Pennsylvania-native  moved to Los Angeles to achieve her dream career, which she has succeeded in so many ways. Check out below and get an inside look on Trisha!

Producer, Writer and Entertainment Influencer Trisha Hershberger

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself. What Does A Typical Day Look Like For You?

Because I create content for a variety of different channels, each workday is completely different and I love it that way! Some days I work out of a production office in Beverly Hills, some days I’m on location filming, and other days I work from my home studio. As someone who produces, writes, is on-camera, distributes & occasionally edits, every day is an adventure.

2. What’s Your Favorite Part About Living In Los Angeles?

I love living in Los Angeles. I moved here from Pennsylvania about a decade ago and have never looked back. It’s not only the weather; it’s the wealth of opportunity that this crazy town offers up to any who dare to tackle it!
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3. Where Do You Derive Inspiration From?

Ever since I saw the old Tom Hank’s movie BIG, I have wanted to get a job doing something FUN! Every day I work to ensure that I am doing what I love and creating work I am proud of so that the work never stops coming in.

4. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Instagram Accounts To Follow?

I love following friends of mine who are social marketing geniuses so I can learn from them! iJustine, Phillip DeFranco, Harley, Rhett & Link, The Fine Bros, etc.

5. Do You Have Any Tips For Taking The Perfect Instagram Shot?

The perfect Instagram shot… I’m not sure it exists. The perfect shot is what captures the feeling you are trying to convey at that moment & you just hope it speaks to people like it does to you.