Baby boomers and TikTok creator marketing

Does Creator Marketing Work With Boomers?

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Hello? Are there any Baby Boomers in here? We bet there are. 

We (humans) are always connected online and use it in nearly every aspect of our lives. Around the world, 3.96 billion people use social media, and we spend an average of 147 minutes using it. So, it shouldn’t even be a question anymore whether or not Boomers are online. But the question we’re here to discuss is whether creator marketing resonates with them or not?

Baby Boomers are a generation that didn’t grow up with technology like Millennials or Gen Z. However, the reality is that 82% of Boomers engage in some form of social media, even if 40% of them say it is not an “essential part of their lives,” the fact is they’re logged in! They browse social media and shop online just as much as every other generation, 53% use social media to pass the time, and 48% say it enables them to connect with brands. 

There are 71 million baby boomers in the US, and they have great spending power — approximately 2.6 trillion, and 59% report shopping online often!

Overall, Boomers want to connect with their friends and family online, and many of them have been active on Facebook for a while now. The platforms you’re guaranteed to reach the Boomer population are the Facebook influencer marketing family of apps and YouTube creator marketing

  • 56% use Facebook daily.
  • 52% use YouTube on their mobile device.
  • 31% use Instagram on their mobile device.

These platforms are usually their first choice as well as where they spend the most time. Here they share content, connect with family, and watch informational videos.

However, Boomers are not only consuming content; they’re creating it! From lifestyle to recipes to fitness, boomer creators got it covered.

Check out some of our favorite creators from these platforms:

beth djalali

Beth Djalali 


Beth creates content about aging with grace, including style tips, skincare, recipes, and more. Find Beth on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


Gerry Brooks


Gerry is a dad and educator who makes comedy videos relating to principal and teacher life as well as fun informational school-related videos. Find Gerry on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


jon baileyJon Bailey


Jon and his family are lifestyle and travel creators and often share recipes as well. Find Jon on Instagram and Facebook.


ingrid tejeda


Ingrid B Tejeda


Ingrid is a lifestyle creator. She shares family content, recipes, and comedy videos. Find Ingrid on Instagram and YouTube.

angelique miles


Angelique Miles


Angelique is a lifestyle creator who shares fitness and wellness content. Find Angelique on Instagram and Facebook.


Even though Boomers frequent the platforms above, this doesn’t mean they’ve overlooked TikTok. Boomers create and consume on TikTok too! This year there are 41.7 million users aged above 55. 

Trends have even come and gone of Gen Z or Millennial TikTokers dancing with their parents or grandparents to popular routines. But an even greater connection is being made. Trending music on TikTok can range anywhere from an 80s classic or a new song from a niche artist, and it is often completely random. When songs that were hits in different generations trend on TikTok influencer marketing, it has the ability to bring together other different generations. 

It inspires generations older than Gen Z to create TikTok content to share their stories or hop in on the trend. This then opened the door for connections between generations over, surprisingly, similar interests. 

This baby boom of 55+-year-old TikTokers has led to many of them becoming popular on the app. Boomer creators create content across every niche, a few include:


@msgrandmasgarden on #planttok and #foodtok

@craigcarlson6 on #financetok

@lucineia209 on #over60tok

@tiktok.gramps on #grandpasoftiktok

And many, many more!

Plus, users of all ages enjoy their videos!

But how do you effectively connect with them?

Seventy-seven percent of boomers want to see personalization from brands they’re loyal to. You can perfect personalization through creator marketing. Because who knows your audience better than someone who is a part of the group? This goes for any generation. 

Essential factors in marketing to seniors: 

  • Utilizing Boomer creators is a must. 
  • Create educational content.
  • Focus on video content.
  • Create content that is share-worthy. 
  • Place thoughtful CTAs to encourage comments.

When Boomers watch YouTube videos, 68% say they are watching for entertainment, and another majority are watching to learn new things. Unlike millennials, who seek inspirational content, Boomers seek entertainment and expertise. 

“Exploring the Boomer space was quite interesting. We noticed engagement with boomers were more purposeful – while likes and shares were present, comments were longer and posted more thought and substance than you’d typically see. Also, as expected, much less emojis within the text.”

Says Mikaela Arce-Ignacio, Account Manager

Whether you’re creating campaign content on YouTube or Facebook, focusing on video will strengthen your campaign. Twenty-seven percent of Boomers watch videos regularly on Facebook. They also love to share that content. 

What are they doing when connecting with their friends on the Facebook influencer platform? Sharing content. They are 19% more likely to share content on Facebook than any other generation. Content that is educational, entertaining, and trustworthy is more share-worthy in their eyes. 

We predict that more Boomers will use TikTok in the coming years. TikTok is positioning itself as the best entertainment destination, proving to be a powerful competitor against subscription TV and streaming services. Once Boomers discover TikTok’s endless stream of entertaining videos and shareable content, we believe they’ll fall in love with it.

Marketing to Boomers is easy if you know how to listen to them and if you understand what they are looking for. Understanding what your audience needs is number one when creating a marketing strategy. 

Any industry can benefit from working with Boomer Influencers. Here are some campaign examples to get you inspired:

SANOFI – Flu Shot

SCJ Raid Essentials


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If you need assistance in planning an innovative campaign for Baby Boomers, get in touch with us! Open Influence is a global marketing agency that can connect you to the best creators.

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