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TikTok Announces Open Influence As A Marketing Partner

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Original Article: Anthony Carranza via Medium 

TikTok has had a successful year and it will continue to get better. As it turns out the Chinese-based app announced on June 1st Open Influence as a marketing partner. The collaboration is going to tap into the potential and engagement provided by content creators, and have rich API (Application Programming Interface) to harness TikTok’s For You Page.

TikTok has catapulted to 1 billion users and no sign of slowing down just yet. As content creator myself, particularly as a teacher on the platform, I can see a lot of brands, businesses and influencers flocking to this app leaving Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to see what’s the hype.

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The partnership is no doubt going to be a successful venture for both companies. In addition, I was contacted by a senior account executive to connect with the CEO of Open Influence Eric Dahan.

Details about the interview and finding coming soon

The three topics that will be discussed for the next article I publish will be as follows: finding a niche, the age of authenticity, and Gen-Z’s LinkedIn.

Finding a niche depending on what kind of content you post. Apparently this is going to get more sophisticated and target more accurately posts for influencers to amass more engagement.

You want to know what authenticity is? It means making videos that are relatable versus making filtered posts and adding eye-catching colors or different schemes to photos. Those days are very much gone.

Considering that LinkedIn was a place for networking and making connections with professionals has also become a bit of a clique platform. Notice that when you comment on posts rarely do you get a follow up from the creator? Also, when you create a post on LinkedIn and gets no engagement whatsoever. Somehow the hashtag #TikTokResumes has grown in usage. According to research, only 19% of Gen-Z owns a LinkedIn account. Recruiters will be profiling job seekers on TikTok.

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