Digital Entertainment World 2019 Recap – Open Influence Takes the Stage

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DEW 2019 came to a rousing conclusion on February 5, ending two days of panels, lectures and presentations focused on all things digital media. The expo, held in sunny Marina del Rey, gathered a diverse group of industry professionals and touched on a number of topics including the impact of eSports on marketing, the future of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and influencer marketing.

Open Influence CEO Eric Dahan was invited to discuss the role that influencers play in the digital economy, as well as the difference between creativity and influence.

CEO Eric Dahan and Director of Sales Lenny Shteynberg getting some fresh marina air at DEW 2019.

Highlights of the panel included questions such as:

  • What’s the difference between creators and influencers? In today’s world, everyone with a smartphone is a content creator. But as our CEO points out, not everyone creates content that people want to subscribe to. Influencers amass a following by pursuing their passions and carving out a space in the online conversation, which is why you can find them across so many different industries, from chefs, to trainers, to teachers!
  • How are influencers changing the way we consume content? In just a short period of time, social media stars have changed not only what we watch, but where, when and how we watch it. Within the past decade, entire genres, such as Lets Plays and unboxing videos, have emerged and given rise to their own cottage industries.
  • Are brands looking for long term relationships with influencers? According to our CEO, the answer depends on what individual brands need for each campaign. It’s true that long term partnerships can benefit both brands and talent, much like traditional celebrity endorsements. But for others, small engagements can be useful in reaching new audiences with fresh and authentic face, and keeping your company open to opportunity.