Love at First “Like” – Tips for a Sweet Valentine’s Day Influencer Campaign

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Nobody loves the holidays quite like social media, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Each year, the internet gathers round to celebrate (and commiserate) this saccharine extravaganza with a flurry of pink-laden images, sizzling stories and of course, non-stop memes. Whether you’re happily tied-up or a proud member of the Singles Club, let’s face it – on February 14th, all roads lead to social media.

V-Day is great opportunity for brands to let loose and connect with consumers in a fun, lighthearted way. Some V-centric campaigns are so successful, they live on forever in the annals of marketing lore. So sit back, relax and break open that box of chocolates – here are a few ways you can use influencer marketing to step your Valentine’s Day promotions this year.

1. Think Pink

Influencer marketing is all about integrating your products in a way that feels natural and organic. In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, Instagram and other social channels become inundated by a sea of pink, red and white. If you’re distributing products for influencers to feature, be sure to theme accordingly! For example, Nine West recently partnered with various influencers to showcase their sporty backpacks in eye-catching rose, letting the product shine while keeping the V-Day themes on-point.  

2. Fur-Babies are the Best Valentines

According to research, 19% of adults purchase V-Day gifts for their four-legged family members. After all, who provides us more unconditional love than our pets? The Valentines season is a great time to steal hearts – and maybe some market share – with content centered around our collective puppy love (and kitty love, we don’t discriminate).

3. Don’t Forget the Kids

If you’re a company that makes child-centric products, we’ve got good news for you. According to Pinterest, “Ideas for Kids” are among the most popular Valentines searches each year. This is an excellent opportunity for brands to think outside the box, and engage with couples not only as star-crossed lovers, but as parents, teachers and guardians. From inside the classroom to home with the babysitter, kids play a big role in spreading the holiday cheer.

4. Do It Yourself

Another one of Pinterest’s most popular V-Day search terms is “DIY,” or Do It Yourself. While everyone loves a fancy present now and then (we know we do!), sometimes the most meaningful gifts involve a little bit of elbow grease. This is where influencers really shine, as they are naturally adept at showcasing not only which products they use, but how and why they use them. Forget the chocolates and flowers – cooking ingredients, home improvement supplies, and crafting materials are this year’s V-Day all stars.

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