CEO Eric Leads Conversation at Consumer Engagement Summit

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Open Influence CEO Eric Dahan spoke to several brand innovators about influencer marketing strategies this month. On Brand Innovator’s Consumer Engagement Livecast Series, Eric talked to Adam Hadi.

Adam Hadi is the VP of Marketing at Current, a leading U.S. financial technology platform serving Americans working to create a better future for themselves. Before leading marketing at Current, he was VP of Marketing at Quidd (acquired by Animoca), head of marketing at DRAFT (acquired by Paddy Power Betfair). He also led user acquisition at Topps Digital after spending several years as an economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Adam told Eric about the rise he’s witnessed in influencer marketing. 

“I’m a little bit older, so maybe if you wanted to target me, you’d get Lebron James or someone like that. But for a younger generation, it certainly starts with influencers, and it’s been part of our core strategy for a long time here.”

– Adam Hadi, Current’s Marketing VP

Adam and Eric were able to relate to the fact that they both stumbled upon influencer marketing by accident years ago. A happy accident that got results, and it got them fast.

“Our goal is to convince customers and members to trust us with their money. If they trust us with their money, we can then exchange value back. How do we build that trust? We do it with influencers.”

– Adam Hadi, Current’s Marketing influencinfl

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