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The Audience

  • Lifestyle, fashion – all with an aspiration and stylish feel
  • Male and Female
  • Ages 25-35
  • France, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Chile, Switzerland

The Strategy

House of Peroni is an annual event celebrating a dynamic mix of forward-thinking artists and creatives originating in London 2012. In 2019, this exclusive event made its mark globally in several new markets around the world.

We sought out a number of creative influencers to be a part of the 2019 Creative Council for HoP. These individuals are well known in their industry, and fall under the creative pillars of either Aesthetic, Appetite, and Atmosphere.

We sent the Creative Council on an immersion trip to Puglia, Italy to be inspired by all things Peroni. There they captured content, and developed ideas for hand-made, tangible pieces of art they would create and display in their respective House of Peroni events.

Their work reflects a unique mix of inspiration from Peroni’s aesthetic and Puglia’s natural beauty. Vibrant pastels, curves of fabric meant to evoke a glass bottle, and other techniques were employed to give a sense of atmosphere, taste, and stark individuality.


The start of the House of Peroni – Creative Council campaign, from Puglia, drove a reach of 16,521,048, making up 30% of the guaranteed reach of 55.8MM.

The campaign is so far driving a strong engagement rate of 2.79% when looking at just likes & comments, however jumps to an extremely strong 5% engagement rate when including video views.