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The Audience

  • Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Adventure, Music
  • Male and Female
  • Ages 18-28
  • Europe, with a focus on UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Italy

The Strategy

Legendary audio company Bose set out to showcase their hottest products across Europe. Open Influence recruited some of the EU’s boldest adventurers to ignite the summer season with content that represented the word “Amplification.” Intensity is a key theme throughout the influencers’ pieces. Whether by the pool or at the beach, their work conjures up archetypical feelings of summer days, but with an almost heightened reality.

Common visual motifs in this campaign are bright natural light, set in midday, with saturated rays of sunshine bursting through the frame. Through their vibrant and warm color palettes, you can almost feel the heat of the French and Italian afternoons as our creators jammed along to their favorite music.


Driving over 3% engagement on in-feed content, compared to the 1.5% industry average, this made for a very successful summer Bose activation. Stories drew a total viewership of 81,886, and impressions and audience reach also exceeded campaign goal by 20% and 30% respectively.