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The Audience

  • Creative Spirits, Progressive Artists, Digital Creators
  • Male and Female
  • Ages 25+
  • Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia

The Strategy

For Asahi Super Dry, complacency is the enemy – that’s why influencers were such a natural fit for their campaign to bring Asahi Super Dry beer to Spain’s Mercadona store. When a brand stands for individuality and discovery, it has show. So we activated free-thinking artists, progressives, and digital creators to tell their followers how Asahi Super Dry brings out their sense of adventure.

Some of the works presented here outperformed industry benchmarks by such a wide margin, we were forced to take a step back and look at why. Only one answer emerged: individuality. Asahi Super Dry let our artists strut their stuff –  vivid neons, light leaks, dreamy sunsets, surreal locations. Taken as a whole, their work ignites a sense of wanderlust and ethereality.


Driving over 6% engagement, the campaign performed incredibly well, and better than any other Peroni or Asahi campaign to date. Organic impressions also drove 21% more than the original campaign goal, with total posts made by influencers also exceeding this.