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The Audience

  • Food lovers, photographers
  • Male and Female
  • Ages 25-44
  • Italy

The Strategy

The oral tradition is a cornerstone of Italian cuisine. Barilla Skill is a new Alexa feature for Amazon Echo devices that teaches users how to cook masterful Italian recipes by following along to responsive audio instructions. Barilla is keeping the oral tradition alive and proving that anyone can conquer Italian cooking with the right instructor.

Influencers are the embodiment of the everyday person. That’s why Barilla asked us to bring 11 digital experts and die-hard foodies to the Barilla Academy to cook alongside the Alexa. They were each given a proper chef’s uniform, and their skills were put to the test to craft not only something delicious, but something beautiful. Our influencers were up to the task, resulting in many elegant meals and even more elegant content.

Their lighting is smooth and uniform, with great care given to object placement within the frame as well as on the plate. While many people associate influencer content with casual production techniques, for this campaign, the pieces share more with traditional culinary publications. In many high-performing works, the focus is not just on the dish, but on the creators presenting them.


This activation was well received by the influencers’ fans, also thanks to the extra stories they produced – almost 2.5x the amount agreed.  Barilla boasted 146 Stories with an average of 1.87%