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The Audience

  • Entertainment, Movies, Fandango, Horror Movies, Television
  • Male and Female
  • Ages 17-30
  • US

The Strategy

Over the course of four days, the influencers brought the #PartyWithMa experience to life for their followers. They posted a series of Instagram Stories, collectively weaving the story and engaging with one another throughout the campaign, which ended with a party together at Ma’s house.


By the time viewers reached the end, a link re-directed them to a custom landing page, resulting in over 13,000 Swipe-ups.

According to industry standards, Instagram Stories receive an average of 15 percent audience dropoff. Our campaign? 3 percent. Approaching the film’s big debut, we made one final push by boosting in-feed photos of our cast with star Octavia Spencer.

This project generated 4.4 million impressions, and scored 4.5 percent in in-feed engagement, compared to an industry average of 1.5 percent.