BeReal is giving Instagram and TikTok a run for their money – but will it last?

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Original Article: Digital Camera World

BeReal has taken social media by storm, and platforms like TikTok and Instagram are racing to provide their users with an authentic experience. According to Apptopia, BeReal has been downloaded more than any other platform this quarter, including TikTok.

We’ve tried our BeReal ourselves, and looked at why it’s been topping the charts. But will BeReal actually last, and will it truly change the social media landscape? Unlike traditional social media, BeReal doesn’t allow filters or retouching. More creatives and artists are moving away from Instagram due to its shift to TikTok-like features and prioritization of short-form video content.

Not everyone is sold on BeReal however, as everything from cybersecurity concerns to doubts about its longevity threaten its popularity.

We asked the co-founder/CEO of Open Influence Eric Dahan for his take, as he’s someone who has years of decades of experience integrating social media marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. Eric sheds light on why audiences are being driven away from unrealistic, overproduced content and why BeReal is having a moment in the spotlight. But are the concerns over BeReal valid, and is it actually here to stay as an image-sharing app?

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